Ocean view

This is a story about love and passion. She is an American, he is an Argentinean. They were not supposed to meet each other. But they did. A bug in the game of the life.


3. Chapter 3


            New York... a crazy city. And I live here. I have one bedroom apartment right here in the heart of this mega polis, in Manhattan, on the Wall Street. I live two lives. It is possible. On the one hand I'm one of these busy people who is every time in a hurry to do their endless things. Ricardo is never in a hurry. I have another life too. I'm a flight attendant. And it is after spending 6 years at the Columbia University! My mom was very angry with me, after she has got this information. She is every time angry with me. Interesting, what would she do if she knew that I'm dating an Argentinian, who is 15 years older than me and earns for life by playing in the bars and cafes of Rio de Janeiro? Flight attendant - it was the only way to my freedom. The sense these people never felt. I did. Every time when I'm in the sky I’m flying like a bird with huge wings. Neither these people will understand him, nor he them. He is so free! I envy him sometimes.

            I met Ricardo when I was 17, he was 32. He was my first love, first man, first freedom and first inspiration. That trip to Rio de Janeiro to the tango festival changed my life. I never was good at tango, never before that day. I was dancing since 10 years, my mom thought it was good for bearing, I just liked it. I wasn't the best on this festival and the first place went to the girl from Italy, but I wasn't the last too. I took a disgraceful second place, its every time sad to be one step out of victory. You even feel that sweet smell of the trophy, but it goes into other arms. On that evening I hated everything in Rio de Janeiro and tango especially. But the girls persuaded me to go with them to the bar, it was Latin America and doesn't matter that you're not 21. I went. It was a small place, full of cigarettes’ smell. It was new for me, my father never smoke and I wasn't used to its aroma. I was scared because I liked it. We were going to drink some beers, but suddenly the waiter brought us mojito. The owner sent us mojito, explaining it with strong Brazilian accent that the guests from the USA should try this gorgeous drink. We did. Soon all my friends found the hot Latin guys to dance with. I denied all offers. I wasn't in a mood for dancing this evening. I was sitting alone admiring the people. Everything was like in an old Hollywood movie about passion and tango. Wasn't it the same? The strong cigarette smell, the half-dark room, the sound of passionate voice of the singer - it was making me crazy. My friends were enjoying the tango and I decided not to be alone anymore. I went to the bar-table to chat with a bartender and to have one more mojito.
- One mojito, please! - I ordered.
- You like mojito, right? - He asked me. A man in a black elegant suite with a hat and a cigarette in his fingers.
- Yes, I tried it just now thou, I liked it.
- Like a love at first sight? - He putted his hat down and his black eyes stroke my heart like two steel bullets. I was spellbound, I couldn't say a word. He killed me at first blush.
- My name is Ricardo, - he said looking at me.
- Jacqueline, - I don't know why but in this moment I wanted to tell him my real name, what I never did.
- Jacqueline, - he repeated slowly, tasting my name.
- Friends call me Jacky, just Jacky.
- I like Jacqueline more, and besides we are not friends, - he said in a soft manner of speaking.
I was embarrassed. Maybe he noticed the blush on my cheeks.
- Why don't you dance?
- I do...but today I'm not in a mood for dancing.
- It couldn't be true! - He wondered, - there is no mood for dancing, there are the feelings!
- You know.. hm.. today we had the championship in tango and I lost the game, so it's not my day.
- You're used to be the best at everything you do, Jacqueline, - his manner of spelling my name, the smell of Cuban cigarettes, his black Argentinean eyes blushing at me, everything were making me crazy. I didn't understand myself anymore; I lost the control of myself, of my mind! And I liked it. And shirt! He was so right; I was the best at everything I did. The school, the dances, the manners, the cheerleading, perfect daughter, student, girlfriend. Fucking perfect!
- Common, I'll show you what the real tango means. It's not a game, its feeling. Feel it.

       He took my hand into his, drew me closer to him and we began to dance. I felt his breath, I heard his heart beating, I followed his steps, I was looking in his eyes, and I fell in love with him. On that evening we were talking a lot about books, music, we were walking down the Copacabana beach, admiring the stars, kissing, laughing and loving each other.
Next morning I woke up in his bed. The beautiful ocean view opened in front of my eyes. I was standing on the balcony admiring the gorgeous ocean view, as he came with two cups of fresh Colombian coffee.
- Sugar bay, - he showed with his hand at the landscape I was looking at.
I smiled. By this moment I was completely in love with him. He came to me and hugged me.
- I love you, - He said looking very seriously at me.
- I love you, - I said smiling. I didn't care that he was 32 and I was 17, he lived in a small studio in Rio de Janeiro, and I in the center of Manhattan in a big two stored house, he earned for life by playing in the local bars and for me the doors of all Ivy League universities were open! On that day I even wanted to deny the opportunity of studying at the Columbia University. He persuaded me. I was angry with him, because I loved him. And I needed him. On that evening I looked at this life from the new site, I broke the chains, which hold me for such a long time.

 Jacqueline broke off her thoughts and came into her luxury apartment. She putted the cup of hot drink on the coffee table, dressed up and went out. It was early in the morning, people hurried to the slavery of the huge skyscrapers. She thanked God for releasing her from this necessity. She went to Washington Square, the place where she could keep her peace and silence. She loved this peace of Earth in this city. She wasn't enough brave for doing that. She couldn't break up with this life, she hated it though, she couldn't leave it and give herself into the arms of Ricardo Lopez. She was listening to her favorite singer Frank Sinatra and trying to understand why. Why did it happen to her? Why did he come into her life? Why couldn't she live the ordinary life like thousands of these people do every morning? She tried to understand it for eight years, but the answer was every time hidden. 

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