Ocean view

This is a story about love and passion. She is an American, he is an Argentinean. They were not supposed to meet each other. But they did. A bug in the game of the life.


2. Chapter 2


The flight New York - Rio de Janeiro was announced. I had to wait, the crew came out always in the end. Some minutes of waiting at the airport of Rio. People. Everywhere. It was always interesting to admire them at the airport. I had a lot of such opportunities. Those, who do not believe in love in our damn century of sex and money, those, who think that the real feelings were sold for cash and gold, should come here and take a look. Just take a look. Here is the man in his early 50s with a little girl are waiting, he has a big branch of roses in his arms, and the girl is holding a teddy bear. Next to me is a boy with big eyes filled with impatience, he is waiting too. On the other part of the waiting area is the señora, she must be over 30, passion is that you can read in her eyes, maybe she is waiting for her lover, while the husband is on a business trip. All the same it is love. Oh, look at that man, he looks like a crazy. He must be deep in love. He dressed well in an elegant black suite, because she likes him be dressed like a gentleman, maybe spend more than an hour to choose between his two suites, used French perfume, because she likes it so much, bought her favorite red roses - he must be so much in love with her! The plane landed, and passengers like birds, who were set at liberty, fluttered out towards the new world of love. My neighbors on the left met the old lady, rewarded her with a bunch of roses and a teddy bear.

"Grandma!" - girl was crying.

The boy with eyes filled with impatience now was going holding the arm of an old man, who was lame in the right leg. It was interesting for whom the pensionable señora was waiting? I looked at her side and wondered. A man over 30 with two children neared to her.

"Mammy! Mammy!" - children were crying.

She kissed them with so much love. I looked at the watch; it was time for the man with crazy look to meet his princess too. And here she came. So wonderful, so brilliant; in her strict uniform, her hair, which she was wearing in a bun were so sleek and straight. Of course her mother did not approve of her profession, but at this moment she for sure approved of her hair style. Suddenly something has changed, some hair broke loose from the bun. And I knew why. She caught my stare. And it is obvious; everybody will notice such a gaze! But I couldn't be otherwise with her, every time I gazed wishing understand her whole nature, but couldn't and never will. This New York-girl from the rich American family, working as a flight attendant, because she likes adventures and coming to me, cursed, goddamned musician penniless in his pocket, because she likes guitar. Every time when she looked in my eyes, a passion appeared in hers. Small devils of her soul began to dance their dance...and I loved her. I loved her. She was my woman in everything she did.


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