Ocean view

This is a story about love and passion. She is an American, he is an Argentinean. They were not supposed to meet each other. But they did. A bug in the game of the life.


1. Chapter 1


 “She was standing near the window and looked at the night streets of sleeping Rio, which actually never slept. The cool wind was blowing her blond hair; her blue eyes sank in the depth of warm tropical night. She was breathing into the sweet air of tierra incognita y querida”.

- Damn! - he swore.

- What happened? - She turned to him and asked, breaking off her thoughts.

- You're leaving.

- I'm leaving every time, - she said smiling.

- Damn!

She smiled.

- Don't worry, everything what goes away, comes back without fail.

- Te quiero, pero puedo darte nada mas que este rincon perdido!

- No necesito mas, tu amor es todo para mi.

- This is an illusion, - he said with Spanish accent.

- You know, each evening, which I spend far from here, - she came back to the window, - Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Casablanca, doesn't matter, each evening I come to the window in the cold, enormous, dismal hotel room and I look in the window just like this. I imagine you ...standing, smoking, playing guitar, dancing, chatting ...I see you. And behind I see an ocean view.  And next to you I every time imagine myself.

She looked at him, he was smiling, lying on the bed in the half dark motel room, which he was occupying already for 12 years. His black eyes with long black lashes sparkled now, as they always did when he was admiring her.

- And sometimes I think that the creation of the time machine is possible! - She said with enthusiasm, - because my visions are so realistic! Here I'm staying in Casablanca, but at the same time I'm there. In Rio. With you.

He came to her, gave her a hug, kissed her in the neck, then stroke a match and began to smoke.

- Maybe it’s terrible to be so deep in love with a human person, but I’m.

- Parteneces a mi, mi alma y mi corazon estan siempre contigo.

- How much I love you! - She kissed him, feeling the taste of the Cuban cigars.





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