Take me to wonderland

Chloe's living a miserable life. She's invisible to everyone, but a girl named Sabrina, the biggest bitch in school. She enjoy to make her life even more miserable than it already is.
Chloe has never had a boyfriend and doesn't even know what love is. Her only friend is Daniel. And she doesn't see him in that way, at least she thinks so. He's always there for her. If it's Sabrina or her parents.
Chloe wishes to get away from all her miseries. Only in her dreams she can escape reality. But what happens if not only the dreams, but also what's worse, follows you into reality? If you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not?


2. When dreams turn into nightmares

This time, I was under water. Crystal clear water. I had a tail. I explored every corner. Under every rock. I explored new animals no one had ever seen. All made up by my fantasy. I figured I had to see the surface as well. It looked like the sun was shining and the heat could surround you like a nice coat. But as soon I reached it, I was somewhere else. I was something else. I was in a forest. Surrounded by trees. The sun was shining and a cold wind was blowing. But I didn't freeze. I was covered in fur. I was a wild kitten. Not the one you see in our real nature. But one of my own. I was grey, dotted, big paws and my tail was only half length. I was particularly a little furball. I was so cute. I ran around, chasing butterflies, jumping from rock to rock, like a playful kitten. But a quaver in the ground, broke the quietness. The trees around me were shaking. I doubled up. A big and frightening beast appeared, where the shaking trees once stood. It was Sabrina. A big and wild edition. Her eyes were locked on me. She started running towards me. I panicked. I looked for a hiding place. But it seemed like the trees kept growing apart. I never reached them and Sabrina got closer. I could see her shadow, and soon a paw held me down. I looked up and right into a mouth full of big ass teeth. I screamed. "Wake up, Chloe!"

I woke up covered in sweat. That was scary. One of my few nightmares. I grabbed my sketching block and drew the beast. It was so clear. I have never had this clear an image from my dreams before. It was almost real. I called Daniel. "Chloe? It's 3 am in the morning." "I know. Listen. This is creepy." "What?" "Listen up! You know how I never can remember my dreams!" "Yeah?" "Well, this one I can. It was a nightmare!" "Why're you freaking out? It's just a dream. Dreams can't hurt you. Relax!" "But this was so real." I don't know why I freaked out that much. He was right. It was just a dream. "You're right. It's just a dream. Nothing to worry about." "Exactly. Now go back to sleep." "Right. Good night, Daniel." "Night, Chloe. Sweet dreams..." "And beautiful nightmares." I went back to sleep, but couldn't let go of the frightening feeling. I had never experienced anything like that, and I didn't wanna again. But my dreams were the only place I could escape. Did Sabrina really ruin it as well? No! I wouldn't let her. I had to confront her. So I went back to the dream.

I found myself in the ocean again. But instead of exploring it again, I swam straight towards the surface. I was in the woods again. The trees started falling down, and made a path pointing towards me. This time I was ready for the Sabrina monster. But this time it wasn't only her. Daniel stood behind her. As a huge human being. As he was telling her what to do. My mind went blank. It couldn't be. No, not Daniel. Not the only friend I had. I pulled myself together. This is just a dream. Nothing to worry about. It isn't real. I ran towards the Sabrina monster, with all I had. And I grew bigger, and bigger and bigger. Till she was the size of a dog. Sabrina and Daniel looked at me. Frightened, scared. Nowhere to hide. They started running. I let them. I didn't have the desire to hurt them. That kind of person was not me. Suddenly I shrunk. Not to my normal size. A bit bigger, not much, but with wings. Huge wings. I tried to move them. This was amazing! I moved them faster and faster, until I was two feet from the ground. I had never felt so free. I took the biggest inhale and shot through the air like an arrow. I was miles above the forest now. I could even see the end. But it was covered by mysterious clouds. I had to go there. I couldn't hold my curiosity back. I was dying to see what lay behind. But I couldn't reach it. It seemed like the closer I got, the further away the edge moved. I was trapped. It was like my fantasy had an end. An end, which wasn't suppose to be there. My fantasy had no end. It couldn't be. I let the wind carry me, while I concentrated at the fog. I reached it. But there was nothing, but pitch black. Nothing at all. Was this really the end? I took one more step, and I fell. Deeper and deeper. I couldn't scream. I had no voice. Suddenly I felt sleepy. Like a wave of warmness and a feeling of safety just overwhelmed me. I closed my eyes, and let the feeling take over.

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