Take me to wonderland

Chloe's living a miserable life. She's invisible to everyone, but a girl named Sabrina, the biggest bitch in school. She enjoy to make her life even more miserable than it already is.
Chloe has never had a boyfriend and doesn't even know what love is. Her only friend is Daniel. And she doesn't see him in that way, at least she thinks so. He's always there for her. If it's Sabrina or her parents.
Chloe wishes to get away from all her miseries. Only in her dreams she can escape reality. But what happens if not only the dreams, but also what's worse, follows you into reality? If you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not?


3. What is real and what is not?

I woke up. These dreams... They aren't normal. I know dreams can be anything. But this... These dreams doesn't feel normal. I have a wired feeling every time I wake up. And usually the dreams are affected by happenings in the reality. But everything which have happened in these two dreams. Have nothing to do, with what I have experienced. I have experienced nothing about an end, nothing about Daniel betraying me. And it had never felt so real. Besides that, it was nightmares. I had never had any nightmares. My mind automatically discarded them all.

I was close to calling him once again. But I reminded myself, that I shouldn't bother him more than necessary. So I took out my sketching block. I drew what ever my mind told me. Even if it seemed like nothing.

I woke up by the morning light, shining through my window. My room... It was impossible to see the floor. It was covered in drawings. I didn't recall to have drawn that many? I took a look. Many of them were scary. Big eyes, scared, furious, small, sad. Not one looked like the other. I grabbed my clothes and ran to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a slice of pizza, then ran for my bike and drove for the park. My third hidingplace.

From there, I could hear the birds, the children playing with their dogs, laughter and love. It was perfect. I made my spot under one of the trees. The shadow just covered me enough, so it didn't hit my eyes, but covered the rest of my body, like a duvet. I closed my eyes, and let my mind carry me away.

It was dark, so very dark. I couldn't see anything. Then, a light, breaking the darkness, growing bigger and bigger. Blinded my eyes and then the Park appeared. I looked around. Why did this appear in my dream? I've just arrived from there. My bag were still under the tree, where I fell asleep. Dogs ran by, a huge pack of them. They were barging and howling. I looked back, to see what they were running from. A big, mutated beast showed from behind the monument. "No. No, no, no, no... Not again!" The beast locked it's sight at me. I panicked! "HELP!" I screamed. No one could hear me. I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I looked back. I actually regretted something for once. I could see the beast clearly now. It looked like an ugly furball in black. Droll dripping from it's enormous fangs, a sharp blade at the end of it's long tail, paws willing to crush your bones and 8 eyes, looking right at me. That sight will hunt me in reality for ever.

The beast almost had me. I started crying. Suddenly I disappeared from my runningpath. The beast stopped and looked around, but I had disappeared completely. I couldn't even scream. A hand was covering my mouth. I hit the person in the stomach. He let go, and I turned around. "DANIEL! What are you doing here?" "Hush!" He hushed me? No way I would let him hush me! "No! I will not be quiet, till you've answered my question!" "Hush! He'll find us!" "NO! I don't care! This is a dream! It can't hurt us!" I shouted at him. "What makes you think, this is a dream?" "I fell asleep under the tree, and I don't recall to have woken up! Besides that beast isn't something you see everyday!" "I know, but this is real!" "No, it's not!" "Just shut up, would you!" "NO! Do not hush me again!" He sighed. "Fine. I have no other option." "What are you talking abou..." He pulled me in, and his lips met mine. I was paralyzed for a minute. Then I pushed him away. "What the hel..." I dragged me in again. "Mph!" He kept on going for several minutes. This was my first kiss, and I couldn't breath. He squeezed me so tightly against his chest. His cheek covered my nose, and his mouth was covering mine. No way I could breath! The beast seemed to be gone. He let go. I was so dizzy, I couldn't stand. So when he let me go completely, I fell to the ground. I knew I had a wild fantasy, but not that wild. It seemed like he noticed me. "Chloe, are you alright?" Did I seem alright? My head was spinning. Was that even possible in dreams? "I think he's gone." He helped me up and out of the hiding spot. "Are you alright?" "I don't know..." "Well, we got out. You want me to walk you home?" He'd just kissed me, my first kiss! He didn't even say sorry, he didn't even mention it. I almost started to cry. But I didn't want him to see me cry. I ran. I ran from him. For the first time, it was him I was trying to avoid. "Chloe!" I didn't stop, I wanted to. I wanted to get answers, but this was a dream. This wasn't real. But Daniel had said it was. But it couldn't be, could it?

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