Take me to wonderland

Chloe's living a miserable life. She's invisible to everyone, but a girl named Sabrina, the biggest bitch in school. She enjoy to make her life even more miserable than it already is.
Chloe has never had a boyfriend and doesn't even know what love is. Her only friend is Daniel. And she doesn't see him in that way, at least she thinks so. He's always there for her. If it's Sabrina or her parents.
Chloe wishes to get away from all her miseries. Only in her dreams she can escape reality. But what happens if not only the dreams, but also what's worse, follows you into reality? If you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not?


4. "I don't understand?"

A light annoyed my eyes. I opened my eyes, and found myself still laying underneath the tree in the park. "Didn't I run home last night?" I asked myself. Right, I ran from Daniel, because... because... He, he kissed me! But if I ran home after that, and I woke up her. Then that's the proof. It was a dream. But I still can't see Daniel in the eyes. Even though it wasn't real, it felt like it, and just the thought of me able to dream something like that, makes me embarrassed. I had never felt the way I felt in that moment. It was all new. And scary.

Sundayschool long live! I hate it! Sundays are suppose to be day off, I'd much rather have Saturdayschool. Daniel. He was standing by the entrance. I froze. I couldn't look him in the eyes. I couldn't even look at him. His eyes caught me. Oh no, too late. I turned around. This time I was gonna be late for a reason. Why did I keep running!? It was a dream for god sake! But why was I then so scared? I stopped, when I thought I was far enough into the woods. I looked back. Not a soul in sight. I breathed out the rest of the air in my lunges. A moment after I was nocked to the ground. I came to my senses. Daniel was sitting on the, keeping me down. "No! Let go! Let go, I said!" I shouted at him and struggled to get out of his grip. "Chloe, Chloe, calm down!" "No! Let me go!" "I know you're upset, but I refuse to say sorry!" I stopped struggling. "Say sorry?" I was seriously scared now. "Yeah. About yesterday. You know, the supernatural entering our world, and... such..." He looked at the ground and covered his face, so it was impossible for me to see him. I was confused. "But that was all a dream." "I told you, it was not! I know it sounds crazy. I thought so also. In the beginning. But then it all seemed so real. I woke up this morning, and I never dream. And you remember it too, don't you? That's why you ran." He tightened his grip around my wrists. "No! It was just a dream!" "Then why did you run?" My stomach clenched. "I..I... ahm..." I hesitated. "Why!" Daniel shouted at me. It was the first time, he'd ever shouted at me. "I..." "Chloe!" "FINE! I just felt the dream so real, and then you kissed me! I couldn't describe the feeling, still can't! I was overwhelmed. It was my first kiss, and you didn't even mention it! I was scared! That I could dream such dreams. About you! I didn't know what to do! I couldn't look you in the eyes! I didn't know how to react to you!" I took a deep breath. My lunges were once again filled up with air. "Happy!" He was speechless. "You... You couldn't describe the feeling?" I looked at him with an empty face. "I just told you all that, and all you got was that!?" He sighed. "No. I'm sorry, you're seeing it that way. But I still won't apologize for what happened. I don't regret it." "But why?" "Look. Like I said, I thought it was a dream. In my dreams I can allow myself everything, and no one's ever gonna know. So when you wouldn't shut up, I just made a move. For god's sake, I thought I was dreaming!" "But why would you dream about something like that!?" He got quiet. Then he said; "So you had a whole new feeling, when I kissed you the first time. Try to describe it this time." Before I could react to anything he'd just said, my lips were covered by his. The indescribable feeling was back. My head was spinning, it felt like butterflies had invaded my stomach, I got nervous, my mind went completely blank, and my mussels went weak. What was this feeling?  Then he opened his mouth, no tongue, just open mouth. He pulled back for a second to breath. I couldn't believe the sound that escaped my mouth. I moaned. Daniel was as surprised as me. He gave me a chance to speak. "Daniel... Stop..." "No." "No?" "No," he said calmly, and leaned down again.

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