Limited Wonders -A Full Compilation of my Poetry-

A full collection of my poems on here, so you won't have to swap book to book looking for a good poem. :)


2. Chapter Two

We’re all insane here


We’re all mad here

no time to look through the looking glass

We’re all insane

we walk right through our window pane

we see our world from high above

but here, the perfect void, no love.


I speak my heart


I speak my heart

through hand and mind

I reach out to others

but alone I hide


I speak my heart

even if if indirect

I try to hold on

but my life is a wreck


I speak my heart

though no one listens

I cry and I shout

it makes no difference


I speak my heart

up to the sky

there is no response

so you answer this, why


To hide


I lay, alone

in a field of grass

not thinking, just looking

at the sky of glass

I see a cloud

out of the corner of my eye

I feel it start to rain

and I begin to cry

I’ve tried so hard

and come so far

I flew so high

then fell so hard

my love doesn’t really

doesn’t really exist

and whatever I do

digs a bigger pit

inside my heart

inside my mind

and that’s why I’m here, of course

to hide.


This fish


I sink beneath

the surface cool

the water’s embrace

chilling me

past the bone

and straight into my mind

I watch as the light

of the sun drifts away

guess I’ll never see

you again one day

I watch the sky

darken, and vanish

the fish start to come

first a thousand

the only one

stays and lingers

alongside me

I guess this fish is my friend

for eternity.

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