Limited Wonders -A Full Compilation of my Poetry-

A full collection of my poems on here, so you won't have to swap book to book looking for a good poem. :)


3. Chapter Three

Confined in a Daydream


I see a bright red bird

silently glide past the lake

and try to follow it

I didn’t know that it was a mistake


I see a bright red bird

fly into a forest dark

I did not know right then

that it would steal my heart


I see a bright red bird

disappear from sight

and waited for hours

then decided to stay the night


I look for the bright red bird

and eventually fall asleep

now I can soar and fly

but I’m still confined in a daydream.


My thoughts are lost


My thoughts are lost

in a high up cloud

my thoughts are lost

beyond my shroud

my thoughts are lost

in a puff of smoke

my thoughts are lost

but I think it’s a joke

my thoughts are lost

beyond these dreams

my thoughts are lost

past the bursting seams.


Lose my mind


Struggling to keep my hold

on all of this

why would I try

to keep what is lost

because it’s all I have

and it can’t be replaced

if I lose my mind

then I’ll never find it

if it floats away

it’ll never come back

so why would I

you ask

try to stay and contain myself

I don’t contain myself

I’m trapped in the grip

of malicious fog

the mist dissolves my heart

my mind goes first

then where would I be



for eternity

the trees will close in

the smile will fade

and then what will I be

where would I be

at the end.


Unnatural Wonderland


I sit alone

in a room, untouched

my senses have no rule

over this place

the air is still

no noises, no sounds

I see nothing

as if long black hallways

were in every direction

that I happened to look

I try to stand

the chair is gone

I try to look at where it was

all I see

an abysmal

dark, pit

under everything

above me

the ceiling was not there

and I felt my heart


this unnatural


is where I just happen

to stand

I watch

I see a face

familiar, but not so

it fades to dust

the dark space as once

is ash again

the loneliness fills me

as never before

and I close my eyes

to see no more.


The Wonder Tree


I see the clouds move

across the sky

but focus on the earth

are the clouds moving

or is it just us

I stand, feet rooted

in the soil

I spread my arms

soaking up the sun

knowing the familiar pain

to be a lesser compared to some

I feel the burn set in

my skin turns to bark

my feet don’t move

stretching, growing

my eyes remain

blue and green

staring to the clouds

up high above

a cat climbs up

its claws like needles

tearing at my newly formed bark

it sits

it smiles

and we both drift away.

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