Limited Wonders -A Full Compilation of my Poetry-

A full collection of my poems on here, so you won't have to swap book to book looking for a good poem. :)


4. Chapter Four

A Life, Stolen


I see the fish

fly into coral

the bright blue sea life

curling and growing

I see my fish

fly to the right

hiding in seaweed

out of my sight

I see a fish

swim into the cave

all alone

I hold tight to my fish

knowing what comes

I hear a great swoosh

and then there’s no more

what once was a person

a fish for someone

what once was a friend

is now a life, stolen.


An Epic of Transformation


I’m popular

and don’t know why

it’s not as if I’m cool,

don’t even try

time has not been my friend

and soon you’ll know why

I grew up too fast

keep that in mind

I saw too much

I ran to hide

now I’m here

my devils chase

and I still run

in this demonic race

I try to jump, run, fly

but with my betraying face

only I know how much

I almost die

however close, or far

why can’t they see

don’t understand

why I am me

why can’t they accept

why can’t I just be

why do they try to hunt

why can’t I be free

I want to sprint

just run away

all these people

just live another day

I can’t just go

I’ll find another way

they vote for for death

I rebell, say nay

they won’t stand

won’t listen to what I say

I tell them

won’t tell me why

why would one

vote to die

this path grows short

the footsteps neigh

I can’t stand for them

not if they lie

they need a champion

they found the right guy

I was this once

not anymore

I turned my cheek

and shut the door

now they return

fly from the walls, ceiling, floor

I still resist

I’m theirs no more

if they want me

they’ll have to fight

I’m going to live

survive this night

I will to heal

and be the light

to save the people

to show them, dispel their fright

it may sound egocentric

but I’m not to reign

just here to help

to ease the pain

if more withstand

then ground we gain

they try to rule

not while I remain

they try to push

I pull the reigns

we close the gates

shut the doors

but then begins

the screams and roars

they charge to win

they slash and gore

until our defenses

are no more

we flee to try

escape from the shore

they catch us first

their demon being

their devil of bloodthirst

their scales gleam

their souls, accursed

this is our inner devils

but fit to burst

their malintent

their mission, the worst

I’m forced to my knees

my hair is shorn

head placed upon the block

all bloody and worn

my skin is whipped

my clothes are torn

they still don’t know

I’m just a rebellious lowborn

the greatest hero

can be found

when at first

they’re tilling the ground

we all can rise

above the loud sound

we can be the melody

above the trend

be the unwanted

and don’t pretend

to be what you're not

or you’ll bend

and break, when at last

it’s time for the end

but I, lonely, unloved

would anyone even notice

a boy without a purpose

neck on the block, it raises it’s fist

and I know

is will go then, I’m the end of the list

even to them

I’m not a he

just this

even to them

I’m not something to be missed

the arm comes down

the blades of wrath

ring true

but still I sit

right in it’s path

without a scratch

I feel the crash

the thick metal crack

and hear it’s teeth begin to gnash

why wasn’t I dead

why wasn’t I gone

how can I still be here

because I still have a home

the axe comes down

still not bringing skin to bone

and I know, somewhere

I’m not alone

I know somewhere

I’m more than a tool, a door

not a gateway, a friend

something worth fighting for

I get back up

and fight some more

I fight and fight

sword coated with gore

I know

I have nothing to lose

so far there’s nothing

other than a bruise

why do I fight

I chose to choose

why do I try

because I have a friend

not some more devils to meet

just one more reason not to end.


Us, We, Few


When one falls

they want to get up,

do more

they want to know

what’s next

in store

us humans

we strong

we few

we’ve advanced so far

but still

so new

we try to love

sometimes we do

most times we fail

but still we try

to no avail

we humans new

so strange

we cross wide rivers

huge mountains

vast plains

we pioneer

around the world

and explore unknown

for everyone

we try to learn

we rebel what we’re shown

we try to fly

we fall,


and still we feel

as if we need

a brand new purpose

something next

some new goal

we walk and live

no some object

we deserve to be noticed

not watched, drifting by

we deserve to be truthful,

not to cower,

and not to lie.

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