A strange place, the world is

Meet Liliana. A nineteen year old girl who left her past behind in Australia and moved to London. What happens when she meets One Direction by accident. What will happen indeed. Mwhahahahahaha


2. The plane of wonders


I woke up in the middle of the forest. The sun blaring down on my shoulders. The air smelled like chocolate. Trees had health green leaves. I was sitting on a stump in the ground. 'Wake up' a boys voice echoed through the forest. 'Wake up miss' the voice said again. "But I don't wanna wake up." I whined. I was wearing a green dress and green flats. My hair down at my waist. 'Wake up its lunch time' the voice said again. I rolled my eyes. I closed my eyes and the world disappeared around me.




I opened one eye and saw a blonde haired boy leaning over me. "You know that's a rude way on waking up a girl" I slurred in my waking up voice. He blushed. He leaned back into the aisle. "Sorry Miss." He stuttered. "That's alright and now what do you want." I mumbled. While stretching my arms. I took a closer look at him and my eyes widen. It was Niall in a white T-shirt with red writing on it. "The lunch menu is open." He said. I nodded my head and he went down the aisle. I leaned in my chair and took a deep breath. Wait if Niall is on this plane than...... My eyes widened even more in realisation. My hands started shaking. I put my earphones back in my ears. Shout it out by Reece Mastin started. I nodded my head to the music. I felt a tap on my shoulder and if took out my earphones. I looked up and my eyes widen. "Here's you lunch babe." Fudging Zayn said!!! He gave me a tray that had spaghetti on it and a cup of water. I put down the seat tray and placed the food tray on it. He kept staring at me oddly. "umm is there something wrong." I said nervously while rubbing the back of my neck. "Mmm oh sorry, enjoy your meal babe." He said while walking down the aisle. I shrugged and dug into my food. It was actually really good, considering it was plane food. When I finished my meal, I let out a satisfied sigh. "Excuse me love you finished." A boy said. I looked up and saw Louis and Harry smiling innocently. "Yes." I stuttered. Louis grabbed the tray. "What's your name love." Harry said. Both boys leaned in. My back was against the side of the plane. "For me to know and for you to never find out." I stuttered again. They leaned back and pouted. They both went back down the aisle. Well hasn't this plane trip been wonderful *sarcasm* "excuse me ma'am I am so sorry for the boys." Liam said. "That's alright, after all boys will be boys....No offence." I rambled on. He chuckled lightly and I just blushed. "No worries I understand, well enjoy the rest of your flight." He said while winking and went down the aisle. What the hell is happening???? I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and saw a video in my group message with my friends. I felt tears in my eyes. I covered my mouth with my hand. I unbuckled my seat belt and went down the aisle. I went to the back of the plane and went into the toilet. I locked the door. I put the toilet seat down and sat on it. I put my headphones in. I played the video. "Liliana we miss you so much and good luck, Barstard." They yelled jokingly. I laughed softly but cried. "When we get out of this stinking school and get some money, where coming to visit you babe." One of my Bestfriends said. "You better not forget about us!! We love you!!! We better sign off so we don't burst into tears." Two of my bestfriends said. "BYE!! LOVE YOU." They all yelled and the video ended. I was bawling my eyes out. "Excuse me Miss are you alright?" I heard a British accent outside my door. I quickly got up and wiped away my tears. I put my phone in my pocket and unlocked the door. One direction were outside my door with worried looks on their faces. I kept my face down and went pass them into the aisle. I walked to my seat and sat down. I put my seatbelt on and leaned back in my chair. I took a deep breath and wiped away the stray tears. I felt the chair next to me sink. I looked up and saw Zayn sitting there. I raised eyebrow and gave the WTF look. "What's wrong." He said while wrapping an arm around me. I've had a boy wrap his arm around me. My face went into a deep shade of red. "Umm personal space." I stuttered. "Nope I'm not leaving till you tell me what's wrong." He said while smirking. I looked away and out the window. I felt him grab my chin and make me look him in the eyes. I blushed even more. "Don't make me get the other boys for help." He said evilly. He let go of my chin and got up. He walked down the aisle. I nearly fainted then and there but I didn't cause things just got interesting. "Okay Liliana you will not crack, you are a strong, independent woman." I mumbled to myself. Harry sat down next to me. I faced him and gave him a raised eyebrow. "You here to crack me, I guess, but don't worry no one has ever cracked me, not even my best friends." I said with a satisfy smirk. "I wasn't here to crack you but to tell you, you have really beautiful eyes." He said while taking my chin. "Okay?" I stuttered. "Beautiful eyes." He said seductively. My hands started getting clammy. "Now tell me what's wrong sweetheart." He said mesmerisingly..wait oh Harry you have to do better than that. I got out of his grasp and crossed my arms and smirked. "Nice try but that's not going to work either." I said sassily. "Aw come on, that always works." He whined. He got up and grumbled down the aisle. I giggled a bit. I sighed and smirked triumphantly. Now onto boy number three. Niall sat down eating a bag of chips. "Hey, want some Chips." He said while holding out the bag. I grabbed a chip and chewed on it. "So what's your story?" He asked me. "Hmmm Good I guess." I said with a shrug. "Here have another chip." He said with a closed eyed smile. I raised an eyebrow and grabbed another chip. I chewed on it. "Any problems or issues." He said while leaning on my shoulder. "I see what your doing, it's not working either." I sassily replied. He sighed and got up. He walked down the aisle. Here's boy number four yay!! Louis sat down. "So love what's your name." He said while wrapping an arm around me. "Not telling." I replied with a smirk and crossed my arms. "Okay not telling, are you enjoying this plane trip." He said. "Well I would enjoy it more if a certain group of boys wouldn't keep butting in on my business." I replied sassily. "I like a girl with a bit of sass." He said while wiggling his eyebrows. "I like a boy who respects my personal space." I said while taking his arm off around me. He put his hands up in defeat and sighed. He got up and went back down the aisle. I giggled again. Uh oh next is daddy directioner. Liam sat down next to me. "Hi like I said before I'm so sorry about the boys, it's just we've all got big hearts and we can't stand a girl cry." Liam said. "Okay but if you don't mind I feel very tired from all of today's events." I said while yawning. "Sure, we will stop disturbing you." He said while getting up and leaving. I smiled and closed my eyes. "Fasten you seatbelt we arrive in London in 5 minutes." The intercom said. Aww come on. I groaned. I opened eyes again and pouted. "Here a coffee you probably need the energy." Liam said while handing me a steaming cup of coffee. "Thank you." I whispered. "I needed one after an emotional day." I replied. I took a sip and my eyes widened. "I had to leave my friends and family behind to start a new life in London, I was really sad because I hadn't told my friends I was leaving today so that's why I was an emotional wreck when I got out of the bathroom-Oh crap I just told you." I replied by covering my mouth with my hand. He smiled. "I better head back to the boys." He said while smiling. He walked down the aisle. I groaned. I took another sip of the coffee. I kept drinking it till I emptied it. I sighed in relief. I suddenly got attacked by multiple people squishing/hugging me. My eyes widened and my mouth opened like a fish. They let go of me and I saw the culprits. Liam was standing there sheepishly. The other four boys were also standing there sheepishly rubbing the back of their necks. "Sorry." They muttered and they all went back down the aisle. What the hell has happened on this weird but wonderful plane trip. I shook my head and smirked.

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