A strange place, the world is

Meet Liliana. A nineteen year old girl who left her past behind in Australia and moved to London. What happens when she meets One Direction by accident. What will happen indeed. Mwhahahahahaha


4. A lazy day but Paul had to ruin it :(

I slowly stirred from my peaceful slumber. I snuggled more into my warm blankets. 'Pick up your phone' my ringtone yelled. I groaned and my hand went to my bedside table. I got my phone and accepted the call. "Hello?" I said in my morning voice. "Oh umm hey." A Bradford accent said. My eyes widened. "Umm Paul said we could come over to yours in about 10 minutes is that alright." He said nervously. "Ummm okay?" I said which sounded more like a question. "Bye see ya soon." He said while hanging up. I looked at the time and it was 8:30 in the morning. Not cool Paul, not cool. Maybe if I can sleep for a few more minutes. 

-5 minutes later....Uh oh-

Okay lily, you need to get out of this bloody bed and get ready. I slowly got out of bed. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I slowly got up and staggered to my suitcase. I got out the clothes I the picture and got changed into them. I walked to the lounge room and jumped on it. I turned on the TV and starting watching the news. OMG TO MANY BRITISH BLOODY ACCENTS!!!! I heard three knocks on my front door. I did a deep sigh. I got up and went to the door. I opened it to see 5 smiling Boys. "Sorry, The Only One direction your going is back to the 02 Arena." I said while smirking. "Ha Ha Ha nnow let us in its freezing." Louis said while shivering. "Or what your going to blow down my home?" I said while giggling at my own joke. "Please Let us in." Niall said while hugging me for warmth. "Fine I will let you in, just let me go." I said while rolling my eyes and opening the door wider. They all gave me a hug and ran into the apartment. I rolled my eyes and shut the door. I saw them in the lounge and hogging up the couch. "Ya know I would've liked a sleep in because of my jet lag." I said while sighing. "Didn't you miss us?" Louis said while pouting. I rolled my eyes. "Nope, but my Pjs were adorable and I was hoping to have a lazy day." I said while lightly banging my head on the door frame. "Sorry Paul said you wake up early." Liam said. I stopped banging my head. "I was when I was 12." I said while groaning. "I'm going to go back to bed." I said while yawning. I started walking back down the hallway, when I got picked up by strong hands. "Nope Paul said for us to not let you sleep." An Irish voice said. "Please?" I said while looking at him with my puppy dog eyes. He started blushing and shook his head. I gave a defeated sigh. I heard my phone ringing in my bedroom. My eyes lit up. He let go of me and I ran to my bedroom. I dived on my bed and answered the phone. "BSF!! (Best straight friend)" Jake my BGF said. "BGF (Best Gay Friend)" I yelled back. "Babe I missed you so much!!! Im so happy you live in london now so I can Pop in any time." He said but I could practically here him smirking. Before I could reply, Niall interrupted me. "LILY IM HUNGRY." He whined. I rolled my eyes. "Just give me a second." I replied. He nodded and left. "LILIANA WHO THE FLACK WAS THAT???" He said angrily. "Ummmm, Promise you want scream?" I said nervously. "Promise." He said excitedly. "One Direction may be in my house." I said nervously. There was an awkward silence. "WHAT?!?!" He screamed angrily. "WHY HAVENT YOU TOLD ME THIS, BE THERE IN FIVE!!" He screamed. "Wait, no-." Oh he did not just not hang up on me?!?! I sighed. I then realised the boys are in trouble. I ran out my room and into the lounge room. I started shaking. "Boys you sort of need to go." I said nervously. "Why whats wrong." Louis looked at me with curiosity. "Please just trust me, Its for your safety." I pleaded. "No, who were you on the phone with?" Liam angrily said. I gave him my WTF look. Then there was a knock at my door. "Shit." I cursed under my breath. I ran to the door and opened it. "Hey Babe." I said nervously. He was wearing One Direction Merchandise. He was quite fit and he has a chiselled jaw. He has brown eyes and Black beautiful hair. "Where are they?" He said excitedly. "Promise you won't hurt them and Wont have a heart attack." I said. He nodded his head excitedly. I let him in. He grabbed my hand. I closed the door. He was breathing heavily. I started pulling him along. I stopped at the doorway to the lounge room. He hid behind the wall. "Umm Boys." I said. I got the boys attention. "I have someone for you to meet...His name is Jake." I said. They all seemed to have anger written on their faces. "He is a Big fan of yours and Unfourtunatly his Boyfriend is working." I said quickly. They seemed to loosen up. I pulled jake in front of me. "Jake, One Direction. One Direction, Jake." I said while introducing themselves. "Im going food shopping so see you guys in a bit." I said. I quickly grabbed my keys, Purse and phone. I ran out the front door like theres no tomorrow. I hope the boys will be okay with Jake because he can be a bit enthusiastic. I pray for the boys. I ran down the street with the wind blowing through my hair and feet pounding against the pavement.

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