A poem about a serious deal in America and other countries : Anorexia.


1. Anorexia.



  A kiss from depression is all it takes,

  for all of our insecurities to finally wake.

Our body is too thin, our body is too "fat", our body is so "ugly"

yet nobody else believes that.

You leave your plate untouched, You leave your family to worry, 

You leave your friends to cry,

And you leave yourself to Die.

You still see this imaginary illusion, as you look in the mirror

at your naked body, waiting for a compliment or some reassurance for you to hear.

You should know yourself that you are beautiful,

Yet you are so blinded by the words people can say.

Please know, My darling. That there are people who love you.

Please come to know this before it's too late.


Your bones are now trying to poke out through your skin,

Please know you do not need to be thin.

There are people who love you, and people who care.

Do you know what you're not being to yourself? Fair.


You are beautiful, Please believe nothing else

Please stop putting yourself through this very dark hell.

Keep on breathing, and live your life

There is nothing more precious,

than your will to fight.


You can fight this, You can battle this depression. You can battle all your insecurities and much, much more.

Please stay with us, Darling.

Don't go into the light..

Battle this depression,

and make everything for yourself right.



By: Caitlyn Manning.


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