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1. Expelled

SMACK! My stupid evil Maths teacher smacked her meter stick on my desk. Can't she see that I am in the midst of a psychotic episode? I have finally cracked so I backsassed her. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?" I yelled in her face. She backed up slightly, taken aback by the silent, relatively respectful student screaming in her face at the slightest provocation. "Jay, I will NOT stand for your disrespect any longer! Go to the principles office to receive punishment!"


Well at least I'm moving this weekend so it doesn't really matter if I get expelled. Right?

I strolled into the principles office without a single care. He responded to this by saying "You must be that high-achiever who received the award. I don't think we have met, I am Dr.Franklin." I stood there sheepishly for a few moments before responding with the extremely intelligent "Um... Uh... Ha.. Haha.. I um actually screamed at Mrs.Leibermann in Maths because she interrupted my delusions... So.. Uh.. Not me. Hahaha (more awkward giggling) ha."

Dr.Franklin just stared in awe. I haven't even met him in the 2 years I have been at this gods-forsaken academy, so when I told him this he had to take this scene in.

"So you are that Jay that I have heard about... I always assumed that you were a boy."

"Such lovely things to say to your students, Mr.Franklin..." I said in a very sarcastic voice. "I have a doctorate therefore you will refer to me as doctor, are we clear Ms. Emerson?" "Bitch please..." I mumbled. "We do not tolerate misbehaviour such as this at this academy, you will not be invited back here after this day is complete, please collect your things Ms.Emerson." He said in a calm voice. The kind of calm voice that makes one uneasy, almost scared.

Expelled, I thought to myself. Well that could have gone worse.

Authors note:

Hey readers, I hope that you like the story so far. I am writing this because I am bored and it is 4 in the morning. If you are enjoying this Movella so far you are in luck for I have many sleepless nights with nothing to occupy my time with. I promise that this will be getting more interesting.

With Love,


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