Ed westwick


7. where am I?

-Hey, where are you going?

- I am going out, and have some drinks, with this handsome guy, I just met. He will be here in a second.

- but, I got coffee and muffins.

- yes but this is my chance to be drunk for once.

I have never tried that before, but it sounds fun.

- okay.

- look. There he is.

They looked at each other for like 20 awkward seconds. Then the coffee guy said:

- Chace?

- Ed?

- okay, are you taking her out for drinks?

- yes, you wanna join?

- why do you even ask.

Ed took the coffee and muffins, and threw them out. Then we walked out of the park. We got chase's limo, that was waiting. We arrived to a bar, and Chace bought 3 shots to each other. I drank it so fast, that I could feel it already. Then he bought three more. I drank them too, and I don't remember what happened next. I remember that I kissed Chace, and Ed.

The next thing I remember was waking up in a strange bed. It was soft, and I felt safety. Then I saw Chace laying in the same bed. I didn't thought so much about that. I closed my eyes again.

Then Ed walked into the room and said:

- Goodmorning sunshine.

- What the hell are you doing here?

- I live here.

- then what is he doing here? (I meant Chace)

- he live here too. I followed you guys home. It wasn't easy. Your lips sat together for so long.

- What?! What do you mean?

- do you know that you are a kind of wild, when you are drunk?

- I don't remember anything. Can you please reply what happened?

- It started after six shots. You kissed Chace. Then you kissed me. Then you kissed Chace again. You took of your shirt, and started dancing on the table. Then you Kissed Chace again.

And you kept kissing him until we should home.

I thought that you wanted to sleep with Chace, and not me. But I couldn't sleep anyway. You were too noisy. It was so annoying, that I considered to join. But I didn't.

- What do you mean 'join'. Join what?

- I'm sure you know.

- Oh my god. And where are we?

- upper east side. But I think that it would be awesome if you stay. You were pretty funny yesterday. And we want you to join us tonight.

- join to what?

- there is a party for everyone that is a part of the series. Just stay here. I call the stylist and ask her if she can help you.

- okay.

I walked in and slept again. But not in the same bed.

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