Ed westwick


5. looking for happiness

When I had sent the letter, I started walking a little bit around. I had a little game with my self. I had to go around and look for other people's smiles. I had to find the biggest smile, and remember it. I saw a little family sharing gifts and presents. I kept walking, and then I saw a lot of cameras filming something. I didn't thought more about that, and i just kept walking. Then I saw the man from earlier. He was talking with somebody, that I have seen before. He said something with 'you should come home to me later'. A girl with a headband said 'ew, you are gross chuck'.

Another man screamed 'CUT'. And the began to laugh.

He saw me, and ran over to me.

- Hey, how are you.

- Why do you care?

- Because I think that you are nice.

- Then stop thinking that. I have nothing to give you.

- I don't want anything. What are you doing out here?

- I'm looking for happiness.

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