Ed westwick


3. I hate you m8

- And you really won't go until I tell you?

- That's right, I'm staying here, and you don't look like a person who has anywhere else to be.

- okay.

I was 13 when my mom and dad got divorced. My mom moved away,and I never saw her again.

My dad found this "Wonderful" woman. She had two daughters and they were even better.

My dad died one year later. Then I came home one day, and saw a outfit on my bed. It was the outfit I had (and still have to wear) when I made there breakfast, there homework, clean the floors, and so much more humiliating stuff. She said, that if I one day leave, then she will destroy my chances to be an actor. My biggest dream.

I have to do exactly what she says, or I will be locked out. If i comes home to late, then I will be locked out too. And that's what happened. I came too late. Now I have to sit on this bench until the Christmas is over. Without any food, water, anything. Only my diary.

- Wow. My story is a bit different. I'm in New York at the time, because I'm an actor in a new series. I'm playing this guy "Chuck Bass". We are most of the time at the upper east side.

- I 'live' there.

- Oh, we are filming "Gossip Girl".

But if you get too cold, and hungry, then you can call on this number.

He gave me a little piece of paper with a cellphone number. There was some wired about him. It was like, I wanted to know more. I wanted too know more about this series they are filming. I will call him I think. But not know. It would be too desperate. Instead I wrote a letter too my mom.

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