Ed westwick


4. dear mom

Dear mom. I'm sitting here alone. Can you please come and save me from this terrible life? Sometimes I don't eat for like 3-4 days, because I'm locked out. I hate her. And I know you do too. Just because you hate them, doesn't mean that you hate me too. If you wanna meet me, I'm am most of the time in Central Park. Your daughter needs her mom more that anything. I hope that you are at the hamptons in our little house. The house we used to drive to, every summer. The house full of memories. I don't know what else to say. Maybe you think that I hate you, but I really don't. I need you. I love you. I want you.

Can you just come here and pick me up? We could go to Spain, or Italy. We could go to both. As long as we are together. Then nothing can beat us. Remember? Mom, or Sarah, or what you want me to call you. I love you. And I hope that you love me so much so you wanna pick me up.

XOXO - Katherine

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