Ed westwick


6. coffee or hottie?

- Have a coffee with me! Now. I just say that I wanna take a break. And you said that you have no food. I can give pancakes. What do you say?

- I don't think so. I'm going home, and look if I can come in. If I can't, and you still wanna see me, then meet me at the bench in Central Park.

- okay. And I'm still so sorry.

I started to walk home. I was about three minutes from our house. I was still locked out. The only thing I like about that house is our doorman Valliet. He is so funny, and he knows my situation in my 'family'.

I started to go down to the bench again. I expected an empty bench, ready for me to sit there for the next ours. I walked by the same people again. And that made me wish that I was one of them, so bad. I turned, and saw a man. He was sitting on my bench, and I didn't knew why. Nobody sits there. But well, it not my personal bench. I came closer, and the man turned around. The first thing I saw, was that he was holding flowers. They were beautiful, big. But not to much. They were shining. But not to much. I looked up, and saw who it was. It was a man that I've never seen before. It was wired. He was looking at me, like he was in love or something. I kept walking, and when I was at the bench, i sat down. The man kept looking at me, and I began feel a little bit stalked. He began talking to me.

- Hey, are you the name- less girl, that just sat down on this bench, all alone a beautiful Christmas Day?

- I guess I am? Why do you say that?

- Because I saw those beautiful flower in the store, and bought them. But I don't have anyone to give them to. May I?

He gave me the flowers, and they were just so beautiful.

He asked me what I was sad about. I said that it didn't matter, but he said that he wouldn't leave until I told him.

- not you too?

- what do you mean?

- there was another man, that said the same.

- And what did you do?

- I told him.

- Then tell me.

I told him about it.

* When I was done*

- You looks like a person that needs to be drunk. Have a drink with me?

I looked up, and realised that he was very handsome. I mean VERY hot.

- I have never been drunk before.

- One time has to be the first.

- Okay then. But I have no money.

- Stop talking. You are ruining it.

- well, I have nowhere better to be. Shall we leave?

In the exact same second, the other guy came around the corner, Carrying coffee and muffins. It was so awkward.

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