Ed westwick


9. can't love, can like.

' i love you. And i know that you love me too.'

I didn't know what to say. We have known each other for one day. And then he said that he loved me?

I liked him. He was sweet, hot, funny, but I didn't know if I loved him already. I said something that I regret so much.

- it's not true. I like you. I do, but I don't love you yet. I don't know if I can love you. I can't love. I have lost everything I've ever loved. I don't love. And I don't love you.

In the exact same moment, I regretted it so hard.

I saw the sadness in his eyes. His smile turned into a sad face. I just wanted to run. Run up to Ed, and talk to him. They were besties, and I wanted to talk about it. I'm was actually pretty bad talking about emotions and stuff like that. And Ed was so too. I knew it.

He turned around and walked away. I ran home to their apartment. Ed was there alone.

- ed! I need to talk to you. It's Chace. He said he loved me! Loves me. How is that even possible. We have known each other for like one day.

- But you slept together.

- I was freaking drunk! He understands that, right?

Come here, he said.

I walked closer, an he began curling my hair with his fingers.

' Maybe you should have a talk, with your great friend ed?'

- It was a kind of what I was trying to?!

He pulled my hair gently, so my face came closer to his. He kissed me, and in the exact same time, Chace came home.

- What are we going to do? I whispered.

- We continue an other day.

- Ew no! What are we even doing?! This is wierd.

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