Friends with benefits

Daniel and Amy are childhood best friends now that they are both 18 and go to college they start a friends with benefits deal where they only have sex with each-other.
but what happens when one of them begins to catch feelings.
warning:rated R if you're below 15 do not read


2. 0.1

Amy's POV:

I undid his belt and and slid his pants off. I then began to straddle his waist and his big hands grabbed my ass.

Daniel's POV:

All I wanted to do was pleasure her already.

I slipped my hand up her stomach

My other hand moved down to rub on her

I took off her panties...

Amy's POV:

I just wanted him to finish me off.

I was filled with the best pleasure.

We both came at the same time.

We collapsed on the bed both breathless.

"Thank you". What's the the thankyou for Daniel said. For being the best friend I've ever had.

Within five minutes Amy and Daniel fell asleep cuddled together.

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