How to love

Bellatrix Lestrange had a burning hatred for Harry Potter since before he was born she was determined to Kill him but on the night she was supposed to kill him,the night his parents were killed...she went into Labor and had a beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth destined for evil.


1. Introduction

 Elizabeth's pov

I waited impatiently and finally after was felt like ages my cousin Draco was ready to aperate to The Hogwarts Express.I literally could not wait to leave I hated pretty much everything and everyone I already knew and didn't want to be near what I hated of course but make new enemies and targets to torture once I joined and became a  deatheater.I don't know if I could put any other way than that I love to hate.As I walked through the train my cold  eyes locked with emerald green ones and I automatically knew who it was so I turned my state into a glare and whispered "The chosen one is trying to learn how to learn how to do magic"in my Cousins ear and Harry broke his gaze as Draco snapped his head in Potter's Direction.

Harry's pov

I walked through the train trying to contain my fear and excitement as I looked for and empty compartment.Suddenly I saw the most gorgeous girl I had ever laid eyes on and my bright green eyes locked with her dark brown cold almost black eyes I was truly entranced by her beauty.Her cold stare quickly turned into a glare and she whispered something into the ear of the guy next to her they probably liked each other I thought immediately and was crushed for a second but as I saw her talk to him and meet other people I saw that the coldness never left her eyes.When I had made that discovery I decided that I wanted to teach to love.

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