How to love

Bellatrix Lestrange had a burning hatred for Harry Potter since before he was born she was determined to Kill him but on the night she was supposed to kill him,the night his parents were killed...she went into Labor and had a beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth destined for evil.


2. Chapter 1

Elizabeth's  point of view (5th year)

I woke up late and realized I had slept through the day and it was time for my last class which was almost over.I took my time walking to class because I truly didn't care if I missed Charms too.Unfortunately I got there while class was still in session."Ms Lestrange please take the available seat next to mr Potter"he said.I groaned and sat there."Potter how long have been here"I whispered."You've been here for 3 seconds and class ends in two minutes"."Oh"I said surprised.Rather quickly I fell asleep.I felt a hand gently shaking by shoulder.I looked up to see that it was Potter."Ms Lestrange I think that Mr Potter would be a good tutor for you"."Ok"I said."Meet me at the entrance of the Griffindor common room"I said and he look shocked as he picked up his books and opened his mouth I added in "Oh and never touch me again"then knocked his books out of his hands and pushed him back towards the wall behind him.I walked out of the classroom without looking back leaving him to struggle to pick his booksup.When I walked out I saw Weasely and Granger,Potters friends who had obviously been eavesdropping I glared at them and they looked frightened then ran in the classroom probably to help Potter.I went back to my dorm and fell asleep.










I awoke to the sound of a tapping and saw a snowy owl tapping on the window I looked around and all my roommates were gone so I opened the window.The owl came to me and I pet it it was honestly the most adorable thing That I had ever seen.I took the letter and opened it.To my surprise it was for me.It was a letter from Potter

 Dear Elizabeth

if you are ready I will wait for you were you asked it doesn't matter what time but I would like to know if you are coming soon.

         -Harry Potter

I sighed and rolled by eyes when I saw that the letter even came with a piece of parchment for me to write back I grabbed a near by quill and a bottle of ink and wrote back.

  Dear Harry Potter 

I will be there soon hopefully the wait will be long enough for you to realize that you need to apologize.Have fun waiting!

                    -Elizabeth Lestrange 




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