Secrets are hard to keep unless your boyfriend is a werewolf and your best friend likes you. How will you react to everything?

Isaac is a werewolf and is afraid to tell his girlfriend Taylor his secret. How will she take it? Will they break up or stay together?

Scott and Taylor are best friends and he doesn't like Isaac but starts liking Taylor. Will they tell their friends or keep it a secret?


12. Telling Melissa

The next morning, Scott and I got up and had breakfast. We talked and laughed about the stupidest things when my phone rang. I looked at who it was "Oh my God!" "Who is it?" "Your girlfriend"

The call:


"Hey Taylor"

"Hey Becca"

"Are you doing anything today?"

"Sorry I'm busy"

"Oh ok well I guess I'll see you tmr"

"Ok bye"

End of call

"What did she want?" Scott asked. "She wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I told her I was busy." I said. "Oh did she say anything about me?" I shook my head. "That's good" Scott smiled. "I don't want her to find out about us and I'm thinking you don't want Isaac to know either. Am I right?" He said. I nodded. "We aren't gonna let that happen" I said. "The only person we can trust right now is Stiles. Hoping he won't tell anyone especially Kaylen." I said. "He won't but we can tell my mom" Scott said. "Yea that's a good idea"

Scott and I went upstairs and Scott had his hand on my waist to not make me fall. We walked into my room and I got some clothes and went in the bathroom to change. I changed into a some skinny jeans and my wolf top. Scott was sitting on my bed when I came out. "I love your top babe" Scott said. "Thanks babe I love you" I responded. Scott got up and changed into some jeans and muscle tee.

Scott came out and kissed me. "I love you Taylor" Scott said. Love you too Scott" I said. We held hands and walked out of my room and downstairs and out the door. Scott had his motorcycle and we put the helmets on and he got on and I followed. We rode to his house and his mom was home. We pulled up and parked. I got off and Scott followed. "Mom we're home" Scott yelled. "Ok" she yelled back. Scott and I went up to his room and hung out.

I was sitting on Scott's bed and he was in the bathroom. I got up and walked over to the bathroom and knocked. "Scott?" I asked. "Are you ok?" I walked towards the door. "Yea I'm fine" Scott lied. "Can I come in?" Scott didn't say anything so I turned the knob and walked in. I saw blood on Scott's chest and some bone. I was horrified and Scott looked up at me. "Taylor" Scott seemed surprised. My face turned white and I tried not to throw up. I walked away and sat on the floor and Scott followed. "What happened?" I asked. "Nothing babe" "Really? It doesn't look like nothing." "Liam and I got in a fight and he almost killed me." "Omg we need to get you to the hospital!" I exclaimed. "No I'll be fine. I heal remember but it's gonna take a while." "U sure?" Scott nodded.

Scott helped me up and we sat on his bed and talked. "Should we tell your mom?" I asked. "It's up to you Taylor" "Why should I have to decide?" I whined. "Mom" Scott yelled. "Coming" Melissa called. She walked up the stairs and stood at the door. "What is it?" Melissa asked. "Taylor and I are together" Scott said. Melissa stood there in shock "That's great!" She wanted to bring up Becca but didn't. "Well I have to get to work. Taylor you can stay the night if you want. I'm gonna be working late." "Thanks Mrs. McCall" "Your welcome and call me Melissa" "Ok thanks again" Melissa smiled and walked downstairs and left. "Bye mom" Scott yelled. "Bye" Melissa yelled back and drove off to the hospital.

"That was a piece of cake" I said. "Yea it was" Scott said. We sat there and I laid my head on Scott shoulder. "I'm tired" I said. "Me too" Scott replied. He kissed me and I kissed him back. "How are we gonna keep us a secret?" Scott asked. "We can play it off as we are best friends while at school I guess." I replied. "Sounds like a plan" Scott said. I nodded and got ready for bed cuz it was getting late.

I changed into my pjs which were spandex and a tank top. While I was changing, Scott came in and kissed my forehead. "Hey babe" Scott said. "Hi" I said. Scott had his arms around my waist and kissed me. "I love you" he said. "I love you too" I replied. Scott got changed as well but needed help with his shirt. "Taylor can you help me with my shirt?" Scott asked. "Sure" I replied. I helped take his shirt off and was amazed at how his injury was healing so fast. Scott successfully got his shirt off and said "Thanks babe" I smiled and walked out of the bathroom but Scott grabbed hold of me. "Do you need help with your pants too?" I laughed. "No I can do it but I just didn't want you to leave." Scott replied. "I'm not gonna leave, I'm gonna go lay down." I said. He nodded and put a shirt on and followed me to the bed. It was getting really late and Scott and I talked and kissed then zonked out.

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