Secrets are hard to keep unless your boyfriend is a werewolf and your best friend likes you. How will you react to everything?

Isaac is a werewolf and is afraid to tell his girlfriend Taylor his secret. How will she take it? Will they break up or stay together?

Scott and Taylor are best friends and he doesn't like Isaac but starts liking Taylor. Will they tell their friends or keep it a secret?


14. Scott's House

Isaac and Becca saw Scott and I fighting and ran over.

"What is going on?" Isaac asked. By then Scott and I were fine. "Nothing" I said. "U sure babe?" Isaac asked. "Yea" I replied. "We're fine right Scott" Scott nodded and got on his bike. "Ok just making sure. I don't want anything to happen to you babe." Isaac said. "I'm fine Isaac don't worry" I smiled. "Ok" he said.

"Well I'm gonna head home. Taylor do you need a ride?" Scott asked.

Becca and Isaac had already left which was good.

"Great job Scott" I said. "Thanks babe" Scott smiled and kissed me. "Do you need a ride?" He asked. Without question I hopped on and we rode back to his house.

We pulled up and parked and went inside. Melissa was still at work so we watched tv and cuddled. "How was your day babe?" Scott asked. "It was ok besides the fact that we got detention." I replied. "Yea but detention was fun" Scott grinned. "Yea" I laughed and continued to watch tv.

Becca and Isaac were talking about the fight Scott and I had. "Why were Scott and Taylor fighting?" Becca asked. "Idk" Isaac replied. "I think they're hiding something. Idk what it is though" Becca wondered. "I can find out for you" Isaac offered. "U sure Isaac?" Becca asked. "Yea I'll talk to Taylor" "Ok thanks" Becca smiled. They hugged and drove to the hospital.

Melissa came home early. "Hey guys" Melissa walked in and set her purse down on the table. "Hi mom" Scott yelled. "Hi Melissa" I yelled. "How are my two favorite ppl doing?" Melissa asked. "Are you ok Melissa?" I asked. "You don't look ok" Scott said. "I had a bad day today" Melissa sat down on the couch. "What happened?" Scott asked. "I saw Becca and Isaac at work and they were asking about you Scott." "Oh my God. Becca thinks I'm cheating on her." Scott rubbed his eyes. "If she found out I'd be in so much trouble." "Scott we aren't gonna let that happen" I said. "I'll even help you guys" Melissa offered. "Really thanks" Scott and I said together. "Your welcome" Melissa smiled.

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