Secrets are hard to keep unless your boyfriend is a werewolf and your best friend likes you. How will you react to everything?

Isaac is a werewolf and is afraid to tell his girlfriend Taylor his secret. How will she take it? Will they break up or stay together?

Scott and Taylor are best friends and he doesn't like Isaac but starts liking Taylor. Will they tell their friends or keep it a secret?


9. Match-making

Kaylen was out walking when Isaac ran into her. "Hey Isaac, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Taylor?" "No, I came to talk to you bout Stiles. Rumor has it that he likes you" "Really!" "Yeah, totally you should ask him out but don't tell him, I want him to figure it out" "I don't know, usually guys ask girls not vise versa. But if you want me to ok and I won't tell him you put me up to it." "Cool, this is great!" "Why?" "Nothing, well see you later" "Bye"

Now it's my turn, Becca was walking in the woods when I bumped into her. "Hey Taylor what's up?" "Oh nothing just wanted to talk" "About?" "K, you know Scott right?" "Yea" "He likes you" "Really!" "Yea you should ask him out just don't tell him I put you up to it or he'll kick my ass." "Ok" "Cool" "Wait, why would Scott kick your ass?" "It's nothing, oh and when he asks you out just stay cool and act surprised. Tell the same thing to Kaylen" "Ok" "Cool, nice seeing you" "You too" "Bye" "Bye"

After Isaac and I had done our part, Kaylen and Becca were super excited that the boys liked them. They didn't tell them until Friday when Scott and Stiles had the courage to tell the girls that they liked them. Isaac and I didn't say a peep. Isaac and I are both great matchmakers. Soon enough the boys figured it out and their expressions were priceless. Isaac and I both started busting up laughing. It was hilarious.

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