Secrets are hard to keep unless your boyfriend is a werewolf and your best friend likes you. How will you react to everything?

Isaac is a werewolf and is afraid to tell his girlfriend Taylor his secret. How will she take it? Will they break up or stay together?

Scott and Taylor are best friends and he doesn't like Isaac but starts liking Taylor. Will they tell their friends or keep it a secret?


13. Detention

Scott and I woke up on Monday morning and got ready for school. I wore a gray long sleeve top, leggings and gray boots. Scott changed into a black top and jeans. We went downstairs and ate breakfast then drove to school.

We pulled up and parked and got off. Everyone was looking at us. "Scott why is everyone looking at us?" I asked. "Probably bc of your outfit" Scott replied. "You look cute as hell" "Thanks Scott" I smiled. We walked in and walked towards our lockers when Isaac showed up. "Hey guys" he said. "Hi" Scott and I said together. We got our books out and walked to chemistry.

Becca walked up to Isaac as Scott and I walked away. "Hey Isaac" Becca said. "Hey what up?" Isaac asked unlocking his locker. "Scott has been acting weird lately." Becca said. "Why is that?" Isaac asked. "I think he's cheating on me" Becca replied. "With who?" "Idk that's what's weird" "Oh well I have history right now but do you want to meet up after school?" Isaac asked. "Sure" Becca replied. "Ok see you later" Isaac said and they went to class.

Scott and I walked into chemistry and sat in our seats. Stiles came in when the late bell rang. "Late again Stilinski" Mr. Craft said marking him tardy. "Sorry Mr. Craft" Stiles said taking his seat next to Scott. I smirked and went back to my phone. Mr. Craft gave the lecture and had us work in pairs. Stiles and Scott paired up and I was with Lydia. The boys started talking. "Hey Scott how are you and Becca?" Stiles asked. "We're good" Scott replied. "How are you and kaylen?" "We're great" Stiles smiled with joy. "Nice!" Scott said. "Can you two shut up please. I'm trying to work." I turned around and stared at them. "Sorry Taylor" Scott said. "We'll keep it down" "Thank you" I said and went back to work. Stiles looked at Scott weird then went back to work.

"Scott what's going on with you and Taylor?" Stiles asked. "Nothing we are just best friends" Scott replied. I turned around once again. "If you two don't stop talking I'm gonna hurt you" I said. "Stilinski, McCall, Queen detention after school." Mr. Craft said. "What! I have lacrosse practice" Scott said. "I have volleyball" I said. "Well you shouldn't have been talking then." Mr. Craft said. Lydia looked at us then went back to work.

After class it was lunch and I invited Lydia to join us. The four of us walked to the lunchroom and sat down. Kaylen was there already. "Hey kaylen where's Becca?" I asked. "Don't know" she replied. A little while later Isaac and Becca walked up and sat down. "Where were you guys?" Stiles asked. "Getting lunch" Becca replied. "Cool" Stiles said. Becca stared at Scott and Isaac and I were holding hands. Scott looked at me then looked away.

"Scott I need to talk to you" Becca said. "Ok" they got up and I gave Scott a look then went back to talking to Lydia. Kaylen and Stiles were talking but he kept looking at Lydia. I saw and said "Stiles I need to talk to you" "Why?" "It's important" "Ok" we got up and walked over to the door.

"Scott what's going on with you?" Becca asked. "Nothing's wrong babe" Scott replied. "You sure? I feel like your cheating on me." "What makes you say that?" Scott asked. "You've been acting weird lately. I know that you and Taylor are best friends so I know she wouldn't betray me like that." "Well I'm not cheating on you. I would never hurt you. I love you Becca." Scott lied. They hugged and walked back to the table and sat down.

Stiles and I were by the door talking. "Stiles I need to tell something." I looked down at the ground. "What is it?" He asked. I saw Isaac come over to throw trash away then walk away. "I'll tell you detention" I said. "Ok" We walked back to the table and sat down. Lunch was about over and then the bell rang for class.

After school, everyone went home and Scott, stiles and I stayed for detention. Scott and I were outside the chemistry class holding hands. "Why am I in detention? I'm a straight A student and I have a game tomorrow. If I don't go to practice I can't play." "I have practice too but it's just an hour then we can go back to my house." Scott said. "Ok I love you Scott" "Love you too Taylor" he kissed me and I kissed back then we went into the classroom and sat down. Stiles was already there but was pissed off. "Someone's in a pissy mood" I laughed. "No talking" Mr. Craft spat. We sat quietly and Scott and I held hands. Stiles was looking at us and texted Scott.

What is going on with you and Taylor?~Stiles

We are best friends you know that~Scott

Best friends don't hold hands like that 🤔~Stiles

We were meaning to tell you but Taylor and I are together. Please don't tell Becca or Isaac. ~Scott

That's great! I won't~Stiles

Detention was almost over and Mr. Craft let us out early. We all walked out to the front and Stiles hugged us. "I'm happy for you guys" he smiled. "Thanks Stiles" I said. "I won't tell a soul" he said. "Thanks Stiles" Scott hugged him and then hugged me. We said our goodbyes and Stiles drove away.

Scott and I walked towards his motorcycle and held hands. "Any trouble at home lately?" Scott asked. "My parents won't let me come home. I usually stay with friends." I replied. "I'm sorry but I'll always be there for you no matter what." Scott said. "Thanks babe" I smiled. I saw Becca and Isaac in the distance. "Shit!" I looked down and Scott turned around and saw them. "God Scott why are you such a jerk!" I yelled. "Why are you such a bitch!" Scott yelled back. We fought until Scott scratched me and Isaac and Becca ran over and broke us up.

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