My Big Brother


4. The Plane Ride✈️

(Em's POV)

We got onto the plane and Louis sat by me. I put my pillow in his lap and laid there. He started to twirl my hair and i just kept poking at his knees. He kissed my cheek and I blushed.

"Awww." he said. I started to drift off to sleep.

(Louis' POV)

Em fell asleep and i got bored. I started to braid her hair.

"Louis i know you like her." i heard Avery say.

"How did u know?" i asked and chuckled a little.

"The way yall act around each other. Ok so if you start dating keep it a secret." she said

"Why?" i asked.

"Em will eventually tell you." she said. I kissed Em's cheek again and started to drift of to sleep.

(Em's POV)

I woke up to someone poking me.

"You got to stop poking me." i said sitting up.

"Come on babe lets go." Louis said. I got up grabbed my bag and walked out of the plane. We were at the luggage place, I grabbed my duffle bag and started walking to the exit. I started getting tired so i gave Calum my duffle bag and got onto Louis back.

"Damn you are light." he said

"Thanks." i said. We kept walking.

"Riley?" i asked this guy.

"EM!" he said

"RILEY!!!" i yelled and got off of Louis back and ran to my cousin. I jumped into his arms.


"Great! AVES!" he yelled.

"RILEY!!" she yelled and hugged Riley

"Hey Luke!" Riley said

"How's it going man it's been forever." Luke said.

"Luke Who Is This?" Ashton asked.

"This is our cousin Riley." Luke said

"Nice to meet yall." Riley said

"Yo! Riley what's up man." a guy said

"Hey Chris." Riley said

"Who's the hottie." The guy said

"Dont Call Me That." i said annoyed.

"Feisty One We Got Here." Chris said laughing.

"Em this is Chris, That's Will, and That's Tim." Riley said

"Em RUN!" Avery yelled

"Why?" i asked her

"Turn around." she said I saw my ex

"OH SHIT!" i said and ran.

"YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" Avery yelled running after me all i could do is Laugh. I stopped.

"Haha Sorry." i said laughing.

"I saw Chase and I didn't want you to get hurt." she said trying to catch her breath.

"Em you ok?" Riley asked running up to me.

"Not really. I had to see that bitch again." i said and yes I was talking about Chase

"Chase isnt that bad." Riley said

"I've never told anyone this except Avery because everyone will think I'm a liar but. Chase abused me when i was dating him so that's why i wear my bracelets." i said and sighed.

"Ok Em I'm going to believe you because You are my cousin and I love you." he said

"Hey! You are forgetting about someone." Aves said

"Come here Aves." he said and we stood there in a group hug.

We walked back to the group.

"Sup man whore." Chase said. I walked over to him. I punched him in the gut and kicked him where the sun does not shine.

"Is the cab here yet?" i asked Louis.

"Yeah lets go." he said and i jumped on his back. When we were about to leave i heard someone whistle.

"BITCH YOU WANNA GO. YOU WANNA A GO CUS I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!" i yelled and tried to run but i was being pulled into a cab.

"Dammit Louis." i said. When we arrived at the apartments Me and Louis got our own. Ashton and Avery had their own, Lucy and Luke, Micheal and Calum, Zayn and Liam, then Niall and Harry. We settled in and then there was a knock at the door. I got up and answered it. Lucy and Avery were standing there.

"SLEEPOVER!" we all yelled.

"I will just go stay at Harry and Niall's" Louis said and kissed my forehead.

"Lets watch Mean Girls." i said.

"Luke is gonna be mad." Avery said and laughed. The movie started and i was jet lagged. After while i fell asleep.

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