My Big Brother


14. The Interview

This Chapter Gets Heated Don't Read If You Don't Like Nasty Stuff.

(Louis' POV)

I chased after Em because she is cute when she laughs. I picked her up and spun her around. I set her down and pressed my lips on hers. She pulled off and smacked my arm.

"Mean!" she yelled and i laughed

"Oh hi." she said and looked at everyone

"Well that was interesting." Avery said

"Well he kept poking me." she said and pointed at me

"Nuh uh." i said

"Yeah huh." she said and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Oh my god yall fight like little kids." Lucy said

"NUH UH!" we yelled and laughed.

"Let's get going." Niall said. I grabbed Em's hand and pulled her close to me. We walked to the elevator and got in. Em was daydreaming about something so I kissed her temple. She smiled and looked at me. We reached the lobby and got out of the elevator. The vans came to pick us up and we got in. We got to the radio station and paparazzi was everywhere. I held Em's had tighter. We got out of the van and tried to get through paparazzi. We got into the building safely. I took Em's flower crown and put it on. She just laughed at me. She saw the food buffet and she looked at Niall. She pushed him and ran towards the buffet and he ran after her.

"I swear you two are related somehow." i said. They just laughed with their mouths full of food.

"You're still cute tho." i said to Em and poked her cheek.

"5 minutes till show starts." Mark said

"Ok Mark." Niall said with his mouth. I hit the back of his head.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." i said. We sat in the chairs infront of a lady who had a lot of cards in her hand.

"We start in 3,2,1" a guy said.

"Hello we're one direction." Harry said

"Hello boys." the lady said

"Hello" we said

"So we have some questions that need to be covered." the lady said and we nodded

"Well lets start off by asking about Louis' new girlfriend. Everyone is dying to know about her." the lady said.

"Well what i can say is she is very funny, beautiful, and weird." i said and lookes at her and she was have a fork fight with avery.

"So boys what do you think of Louis' new girlfriend?" she asked

"Well Em is like a sister to me." Niall said

"You two have to be related somehow. They both laugh at nothing and eat almost everything. And not gain weight." i said and Niall laughed.

"Em stop trying to stab Avery with a fork!" Harry yelled

"She started it!" she yelled back

"NUH UH!" Avery yelled

"YEAH HUH!" Em yelled

"Those two seriously fight like little kids." Liam said


"They fight like sisters." Zayn said

"WE ARE SISTERS!" Em yelled

"I though you knew that." i said and looked at Zayn

"Whoops." he said.


"NO ITS MINE NOW!" Avery yelled. The interview lady was just laughing.

"She will kill someone for food." i said

"I can tell." they lady said

"These Idiots will be the death of me." Lucy said

"BUT YOU LOOOOVE US." Em yelled and jumped on her.

"Ok lets get back to the questions." the lady said

"Louis, how long have you and Em been together?" she asked

"2 months." i said

"I heard that she is related to Luke Hemmings." she said

"Yes, Em and Avery are both related to Luke Hemmings." i said

"So did you hear what Em said to the paparazzi yesterday?" she asked

"No, what did she say?" i asked. She handed us an iPad and we played the video

"Well she does like to speak her mind when it comes to the people she loves." i said and handed back the iPad

She asked us questions about our love life, plans on tour, and our music. We walked back to where Avery, Lucy, and Em were. Avery and Lucy were talking about something and Em was asleep on the couch. I pushed her hair out her face and kissed her forehead. She smiled. I shook her lightly

"Emmm. Wake up." i said and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Im cold." she mumbled. I took off my jacket and handed it to her. She put on the jacket and curled up in a ball.

"Come on babe. We are going by McDonalds." i said and her eyes shot open

"Why didnt you say so? Lets go." she said and jumped up. I kissed her nose and hugged her.

"I love you." she said

"I love you more." i said

"I love you most." she said and smirked

"Nuh uh. I love you to infinity." i said

"I love you even more than that." she said and laughed. I pecked her lips and noticed that we were being stared at.

"What?" i asked

"Yall are weird." everyone said

"I call it swag." Em said. We walked to the van and got in. We went by McDonalds and got some food. We got to the hotel and Em looked tired. We got in the elevator and went to our floor. We got to out room and got in and Em went and laid on the couch.

"Is the baby tired?" i asked

"Yes." she said

"Eat your food and we will go to bed." i said and sat beside Em. She laid her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her on my lap. She faced me so her legs were on each side. She pulled my shirt and crashed our lips together. I was shocked at first but then i kissed back. She let go of my shirt and wrapped her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her hips. I let my tongue graze her bottom lip. She opened her mouth and i let my tongue explore the inside of her mouth. This is the first time we have done this. My hands 'accidentally' slipped under her shirt. I felt her grind down and I groaned in the kiss. She giggled and kept grinding. She pulled off and got up.

"Where do you think you're going?" i asked

"To sleep." she said and smirked

"No you're not. You are not allowed to tease the Tommo." i said and pushed her up against the wall and kissed her neck.

"You better use protection." she said

"Well shit, I forgot to pack some. I will go ask Harry. And you will be sitting on the bed waiting no sleeping." i said and pecked her lips

"Daddy's being demanding." she said and smirked. I put on a pair of sweatpants so my boner wouldn't be noticeable. I walked out of the room and went to Harry's. I knocked on the door and waited.

"Oh hey Louis." Harry said

"Hey Uhm i need to ask you something." i said,

"Ok. Come in." he said and I stepped in. I noticed that Niall wasnt there.

"Where's Niall?" i asked

"He went out clubbing with Justin Bieber." he said

"Ok well... This is very akward to ask." i said

"Come on just asked me." he said

"Well… Can I have a condom?" i asked very shyly and scratched the back of my neck.

"Ohhhh Louis' gonna get soooome." he sang.

"Shut up. Can i have one?" i asked

"Yeah sure." he said and went to his bedroom. He came back with a condom and a bottle of lube.

"Now don't hurt her." he warned me

"I will gentle." i said

"Go have fun." he said and opened the door.

"Oh trust me I will." i said and he smirked

"Oh and don't be too loud. Im right next door." he said

"Can't promise anything." i said and smirked. I walked back to our room and walked in quickly. I set the stuff on the night stand and saw that Em was looking at me.

"Now where were we." i said lustfully and she giggled. She laid back and i climbed on top of her. I started kissing her neck and left marks to show she is mine. I slid my hands under her sweater and started to lift it up. She ran her hand down my stomach and lifted my shirt. I took off my shirt and threw it across the room. She took off her sweater and threw it aswell. She began to kiss my neck this time. You all know what happens next.

I woke up with Em on my chest in my shirt. Last night was fun. I looked at her and how cute she is when she is asleep. Surprisingly she wasnt that loud. That's a first my last girlfriend got me in so much trouble cause she like screamed. But enough with her this one is a keeper. I moved her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.

"Good morning." she said

"Good morning babe." i said and pecked her lips.

"Last night was the best." she said

"Yes it was." i said.

"Im gonna go take a shower." she said and sat up

"I better pick up all the clothes." i said. and sat up aswell.

"Wow. I scratched your back hard and i left a heart of love bites." she said and laughed.

"Now we are both marked." i said. I went over to the thrown clothes and put them in a garbage bag so I could put them in the washer later. I opened the bathroom door.

"Em im gonna go get breakfast." i said

"Ok hurry back. I dont like being alone." she said

"Open the curtain and give me a kiss." i said. She opened the curtain and peck my lips. I walked out of the bathroom and out the door. I saw everyone and waved to them. They told me to come to them so I did.

"Yo." i said

"Hi Louis." Niall said and Harry just smirked at me. That wanker. We stood there in silence and I was getting hungry so I walked to the elevator. They followed me but I didn't care.

"So how was it?" Harry asked me

"Shut up you wanker." i said and he laughed

"How was what?" they asked

"Nothing." i said and looked down. Harry was still laughing at me.

"I hate you so much." i said to Harry. He gasped.

"What did I do?" he asked innocently and smirked. We got off the elevator and went to the breakfast buffet in the lobby. I got me and Em some food and walked back to the elevator. This time it was only me, Harry, and Niall.

"You still haven't answered my question." Harry said

"Which one?" i asked

"The first one." he said

"Why should i tell you?" i asked

"Cause your the one who aske me for a-" i cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth.

"Shut the hell up." i said

"What did he ask you for?" Niall asked Harry

"A condom." Harry said

"SERIOUSLY?!" i yelled

"Ohhhh Louis got sooome." Niall sang

"Why does everyone do that?" i asked and facepalmed myself.

"So how was it?" they both asked

"Fine if you want to know it was good ok." i said and stormed out of the elevator into our room. Em was sitting on the couch with my shirt on and some shorts. I was really embarrassed and annoyed.

"What's wrong babe?" she asked me as I handed her food.

"Just Harry had to Tell Niall that I asked him for a condom." i said.

"It's ok babe." She said kissed my cheek.

"I just hope they dont tell anyone else." i said and she nodded.

"Im glad you were my first." she said and kissed my forehead.

"Im glad I was too. I don't want to ever lose you now." i said

"You won't ever lose me. Just don't get too drunk." she said. We ate food and watched TV. There was a bang on the door. Em got up and opened it. I stayed on the couch and I heard someone crying. I got up and saw that Avery was crying and Em was crying to calm her down.

"What's wrong?" i asked

"A-Ash-Ashton." she was sobbing.

"Shh Shh It will be ok." Em said. I made them go to the couch and I went to get the rest of the guys and Lucy. I knocked on Harry and Niall's door. Harry opened the door and smirked

"What do you need another condom?" he asked and laugh

"No I just everyone's help to calm Avery just she is crying her eyes out about something Ashton did." i said. He called Niall and walked to our room. I went and got Zayn and Liam. I went up to Luke and Lucy's room and was about to knock but there was a loud moan.

"Nope not gonna ruin their fun." I whispered. I walked back to my room and saw everyone was trying to calm Avery.

"Where's Lucy?" Harry asked

"She went shopping for a dress." Em said

"Wait. I was about to knock on their door but there was a lot of moaning so I just walked back here." i said and Em's eyes went wide. She pulled out her phone and texted someone fast. She set her phone down then it dinged.

"THAT SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!" she yelled and ran out the door. I ran after her and she banged on the door

"LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" she yelled and he opened the door. He had a towel around his waist.

"What?" he asked

"You are a worthless piece of shit. You are cheating on Lucy." she said

"No Im not." he said then a girl walked up behind him.

"Why did u stop Lukey?" she asked

"Yeah you sooo aren't cheating. YOU KNOW WHAT DONT EVER EVER EVER TALK TO ME AVERY LUCY OR ONE DIRECTION. YOU DONT DESERVE ALL THIS ATTENTION! LUKE JUST GO FUCK YOURSELF AND DIE IN A HOLE. I KNEW YOU NEVER LOVED ME AVERY OR LUCY YOU JUST LIKE THE ATTENTION AND IM SICK OF IT. I HATE YOU! YOU TRIED TO RUIN MY OWN DATE NOW YOU'RE CHEATING ON LUCY MY BEST FRIEND YOUR GIRLFRIEND! YOU ARE A PATHETIC BITCH LUKE. And I will always hate you. I was about to forgive you but now I will never forgive you. Goodbye Luke. Forever." she yelled and smacked him HARD on the face and turned around. I put my arm around her and walked with her back to our room. We walked in and everyone looked at Em in shock.

"We could hear that from right here." They said

"Good." she said.

"Now Avery, What did Ashton do?" she asked her.

"He cheated on me with a model." she said

"Im done with them." she said

"Now we need a new opening." Harry said. Then something dinged into my head.

"Well we have a meeting with management. Yall are free to use the stadium." Liam said. We all got up and walked out of our room. I saw that Luke was still just standing in his doorway. Em just stuck her middle finger at him and laughed.

"Im lucky I got you." i said.

we got on the elevator and went to the lobby. We saw Lucy sitting there crying. Em and Avery ran up to her. We gathered around them and made a group hug. I saw Ashton, Micheal, and Calum come through the door.

"Let's go the bitches are here." I said we all broke a apart and looked at them in disgust.

"I NEVER LIKED YOU GUYS AND YOU NEVER LIKED US AND WE KNOW IT!" Em yelled. We walked the girls to the stadium then drove to the company building.

"Hello boys you made it on time." the man said

"Yeah." Harry said

"Well we are here to find a new opening act for the tour." the man said

"What about T3I" i said

"Wow Louis." Niall said

"What? They are really good." i said

"Well we need to hear them." the man said

"Well they are at the stadium." i said

"Well lets go." he said. We went back to the van and drove to the stadium. We stood outside waiting for the management to arrive. They finally arrive and walked in. We walked in carefully so they wouldnt hear us. They were playing I Would. We listened to them play a few upbeat songs then they played Moments, More Than This, and Little Things.

"Well I gotta say they are really good." the man said

"HIII FRIENDS!" Em yelled and laughed.

"So that's Em?" the man asked

"Yeah." i said and smiled. She was saying something weird and they all laughed.

"She is something." he said

"She's the best." i said. We watched them play around then they jumped down. Me and Em both walked to each other and hugged each other. We were laughing but we didn't let go.

"Hmm where should we go for dinner?" i asked

"I dont know." she said

"Lets just buy junk food cause I haven't had one of those nights where i just eat junk food until im full or till i throw up." she said and i just laughed

"Don't laugh at me." she said

"Lets just have a movie night. They have a private movie room for us." Niall said

"Lets do it." Em and I said.


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