My Big Brother


10. The First Show

(Louis's POV)

Today is our first show with 5sos. I'm so excited. I got up carefully not to wake up Em. I walked over to the bunks to wake up the guys. They all rolled out of the bunk and walked into the middle of the bus.

"Someone wake up Em." Harry said.

"Are you serious?" i asked him

"Good point. Let her wake up on her own." Harry said. I walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast.

"Hey toss me a piece of bacon. Im going to try to wake up Em." Niall said. I threw him a piece of bacon.

"Emmmm waaaake uuuuup." Niall said waving the bacon in her face. Her eyes shot open and snatched the bacon out of Niall's hand.

"Well good morning to you too." Niall said and laughed. Em got up and changed. We got to the stadium and did rehearsals. The girls were our audience. They sang along which made us laugh. It was only 10 minutes until the show started. The stadium was filled and we were backstage. Em was on my lap looking at her phone.

"It's time guys." a dude said walking into the dressing room. I grabbed Em's wrist and pulled her to the side of the stage and made her stand there. We walked to our little boxes and stood there. We all the sudden shot up and started singing Best song ever.

"How is everyone tonight?" i asked after we finished our song. I heard a lot of screaming.

"Well this is teenage dirtbag." Harry said. 5sos walked out and everyone started screaming. At the end the guys walked off stage.

"THIS IS KISS YOU!" Niall screamed. We were singing and 5sos came out with masks on of our faces. The girls game running out with plates of whipped cream. Em chased after me. I slipped on some water and fell. Em fell on top of me and smashed the plate of whipped cream on my face. I took some off my face and put it in her hair. She just laughed. She is different from everyone else she doesnt scream and storm out like a brat would if u put something in her hair she justs laughs. She got up and helped me up. When I stood up I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She giggled and I ran backstage. I set her down and quickly engulfed her in a hug.

"Arent you supposed to be doing a concert right about now?" she asked and giggled.

"Well I had to tell you something important." i said

"What is it?" she asked

"I loooooooooove you." i said

"I loooooooooove you too." she said. I hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately. It almost turned into a makeout session but I remembered that I concert going on. I pulled apart and she looked upset.

"Sorry sweetheart I have a concert to get back to." i said.

"Ok now hurry! you dont want to get your 60,000 fans out there upset." she and pecked my lips then pushed me back onstage. It was akward when i got back onstage.

That was the best concert yet. We are on our way to our next destination. We have been on the bus for about an hour and Em has passed out on the couch. The rested of the guys are getting drunk but I decided that I would go to bed with Em because I didn't want them touching her. I picked her up bridal style and gently laid her in our bunk. I jumped in the bunk and cuddled up close to her rubbed her back.

"I love you Tommo." she said

"I love you Hemmo." I said. So if she hasnt told you Her last name is Hemmings like Luke's. Avery's is Hemmings as well. Well Im getting really sleepy so I started to drift off into a deep sleep. I was sleeping happily that I now have the perfect girl by my side. Im never letting go of her. I love her so much

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