My Big Brother


7. The Date😍

(Em's POV)

I really hate Luke and Harry right now. They didn't want me to date Louis and I really like Louis. I was still crying into his chest and he was rubbing my back to calm me down. I heard a knock at the door.

"I-I'll get i-it." i said and got up. I opened the door and I saw the 2 people i hated at the moment. Luke and Harry were standing there.

"I-I SAID L-LEAVE ME A-ALONE!" i yelled and slammed the door shut and locked it. I went back to Louis and sobbed.

"Hey GummyBear lets watch the movie now. It will help calm you down." Louis said

"O-Okay. Will you p-please get the s-snacks?" i asked him. I couldn't stop stuttering. He smiled and got some snacks and drinks.

"Th-Thank you." I stuttered. He laid on the counch and i laid down infront of him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer.

"GummyBear." Louis said

"What is it BooBear?" i asked Louis. He flipped me over so he was on top of me. He fell down.

"Louuehhh!" i yelled.

"What?" he asked.

"Get off of me. You are heavy." i said. He flipped us so i was laying on top of him. Then there was a knock. i groaned and got up. I opened the door and Avery and Lucy were standing there.

"We need to talk to you. Louis you need to talk to Luke and Harry. They are in the Ziam apartment." Avery said. I pecked his lips and he walked out.

"Awwwww" they said.

"Oh shut up." i said laughing

"Em, Luke and Harry are really upset." Avery said

"Well they said that they were going to crash my date, They don't trust Louis and They dont want us to date." i said with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Em, Harry got jealous and Luke was being over protective." Lucy say.

"I really don't care. They obviously don't care about my happiness." i said. I laid on the couch and i got lonely. Louis soon walked in pulling Luke and Harry in and everyone else was behind them. I don't care.

"Em." Louis said.

"What?" i asked a little annoyed.

"Please talk to them." Louis begged

"No." i said annoyed.

"Why?" Luke asked. I got up and shoved them out of my way and into the bathroom. I slammed the door closed and i just cried. I promised Louis that I wouldn't cut anymore but I couldn't help it. I got my makeup bag and grabbed a blade. I took a deep breath and sliced 4 cuts into my skin. I watched the blood flow down my arm. I couldn't stop crying. I forgot to lock the door and Louis walked in. He saw my arm and started crying.

"I-Im So S-Sorry." i said and scooted to the corner.

"Come here." he said and picked me up and sat me down on the counter. He started nursing my cuts and kissed me. Of course i kissed him back.

"I-Im really S-Sorry." I stuttered.

"Don't be. I'm sorry for bringing them over here." he said.

"C-Can we F-Finish the m-movie." I stuttered.

"Sure gummybear. Everyone has left." he said. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms were wrapped around his neck. he wrapped his arms around my waist. I really love this guy.

"GummyBear." Louis said

"Yes??" i asked

"Do u want to be my girlfriend?" he asked really nervous.

"I would love to." i said then kissed him for awhile then went back to watching the movie.Before the movie finished Louis was asleep. So I turned on Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie.

"Really, Finding Nemo?" he asked and laughed

"Aye don't judge my favorite movie." i said. He pulled me closer to him and fell asleep happy that I had Louis.

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