Aboveground, Underground, and All in Between

Get the inside scoop of what REALLY happens in a Demigod's life, from battling giant crabs, to carrying cursing ghosts, even to laughing at your sister because she ran into a pole. Demigods have very active lives. If they aren't killing monsters or laughing at each other, they are usually being asked questions. Or if you're like some people, *Cough* Jason *Cough Cough*, you run around on the Argo II, a flying Greek ship, with only your underwear and socks on, yelling, "Let's go, Momo!!!!" Cover by Lydia Jackson (One of the Greatest People I have Ever met!) {Go check out the sequel to this Movella, What Comes Up, Must Go Down!!!}


8. Now, To Make You Have a Fangirl Heart Attack.

*At a New York Yankees game*

Nico: *Arm around Lydia* Those Kissing Cams are the best!

Lydia: *Nods*

Nico: I-I-Is that US?!?!

Lydia: There seems to be an attractive woman on the screen........ *Looks over at Nico, smiling*

Nico: *Shocked* Oh, what the heck, come here! *Kisses her*

Crowd: *Cheers*


*At Camp Half-Blood*

Jason: Percy, have you seen Rhi?

Percy: *Knows where she is at* I think she's down at the Canoe Lake. *Smirks*

Jason: *Walks down to the Canoe Lake, Percy trailing behind him*

Percy: *Has camera*

Jason: Rhianna, I know you're down there!!!! You can't stay down there forever!!!! *Thinks* Well, technically she could, seeing as she's the daughter of Neptune, but that's not the point, RHIANNA!!

Percy: *Laughs*

Melody, Leo, Lydia, Nico, and Thalia: *Walks over, hearing Jason yell* What did Rhianna do this time? Percy, why did you have to be so mischevious?

Percy: She's hiding from Jason.

Jason: I can't believe I'm doing this.... Rhianna, I-I-I'll give you untill the count of three!!!

Percy: *Eyes get wide* Things just got real.

Jason: *Lays down on the dock, his head over the edge* ONE!!!!!

Lydia: Yeah... She's dead.

Thalia: I wouldn't say dead, just a bit hated.

Jason: *Scowling, still looking down into the water* TWO!!!!!!!

Leo: *Laughs* He's so ticked right now.

Melody: She's gon- *Covers mouth, so that she doesnt predict what Rhi's going to do*

Jason: THREE!!!!!

Rhianna: *Pops up and kisses Jason*

Percy: I did that to Annabeth a few years ago.... *Laughs* Its not over yet....

Nico: What's next?

Rhianna: *Pulls Jason into the water and climbs onto the dock* *Laughs and begins to run*

Jason: YOU LITTLE-!!!!!! *Climbs back onto the dock*

Percy, Lydia, Thalia, Melody, Leo, and Nico: *Laughs as Jason struggles to catch up with Rhi*

Rhianna: *Doing somersaults while running from Jason*

Percy: *Still videoing* *Says to the camera* Well, there you have it, Rhiason at it's finest!

Lydia: You call Jason chasing Rhianna "The Finest"?!

Percy: Ummm.....no........

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