Aboveground, Underground, and All in Between

Get the inside scoop of what REALLY happens in a Demigod's life, from battling giant crabs, to carrying cursing ghosts, even to laughing at your sister because she ran into a pole. Demigods have very active lives. If they aren't killing monsters or laughing at each other, they are usually being asked questions. Or if you're like some people, *Cough* Jason *Cough Cough*, you run around on the Argo II, a flying Greek ship, with only your underwear and socks on, yelling, "Let's go, Momo!!!!" Cover by Lydia Jackson (One of the Greatest People I have Ever met!) {Go check out the sequel to this Movella, What Comes Up, Must Go Down!!!}


9. Flying Boats, Quests, and Cereal Bars (Part One)




The others were back from their little trip, and now they were packing for the next one. The one that I had to go on. 

"Guys, I'm going to pack these for breakfast in the mornings, when we have to camp out on the ground," Rhianna said, showing us all natural and organic cereal bars. 


"What, Jason?"

"I don't like organic things." Jason complained. 

"Lydia and I will eat them, then! I guess you'll just starve," she said as she walked away.

"But I thought you loved me."

She turned around. "Oh, I do, honey, I just don't want you to end up with a muffin top at seventeen."

Percy snickered at Jason, while Jason himself pouted.

"That goes for you too, Perce! I heard you snickering," Rhianna scolded over her shoulder.


I laughed. She was ALWAYS doing that to everyone, even though she's the youngest. But, sadly, Percy's the oldest, and never does a thing to keep anyone in order. Lydia does most of the time. And yes, I said MOST. I'm just happy that Lydia was picked as the quest leader. 


Oh yeah! I never told you about the quest did I? Here goes....



Okay, so there was a whole lot exploding, and fireworks!!! (VALDEZ, QUIT LYING AND LET JOHN FINISH THE STORY!!!!) Yes Ma'am!!!! *Cough* I mean..... Uhhhhhhh...... Okay.


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