Aboveground, Underground, and All in Between

Get the inside scoop of what REALLY happens in a Demigod's life, from battling giant crabs, to carrying cursing ghosts, even to laughing at your sister because she ran into a pole. Demigods have very active lives. If they aren't killing monsters or laughing at each other, they are usually being asked questions. Or if you're like some people, *Cough* Jason *Cough Cough*, you run around on the Argo II, a flying Greek ship, with only your underwear and socks on, yelling, "Let's go, Momo!!!!" Cover by Lydia Jackson (One of the Greatest People I have Ever met!) {Go check out the sequel to this Movella, What Comes Up, Must Go Down!!!}


13. A/N

I finally updated, coz you all wouldn't shut up about it. Every five seconds: "UPDATE!" "PLEASE UPDATE" And the occasional, "GURL, YOU BETTA UPDATE YO BOOK BEFO' I SLAP YOU 'TIL YOU BE SMALLA THAN A BUG!!!!"






Naw, I'm kidding on that last one, I wish someone would do that though.......

LOVE YA!!! <3 <3 <3 <3


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