Aboveground, Underground, and All in Between

Get the inside scoop of what REALLY happens in a Demigod's life, from battling giant crabs, to carrying cursing ghosts, even to laughing at your sister because she ran into a pole. Demigods have very active lives. If they aren't killing monsters or laughing at each other, they are usually being asked questions. Or if you're like some people, *Cough* Jason *Cough Cough*, you run around on the Argo II, a flying Greek ship, with only your underwear and socks on, yelling, "Let's go, Momo!!!!" Cover by Lydia Jackson (One of the Greatest People I have Ever met!) {Go check out the sequel to this Movella, What Comes Up, Must Go Down!!!}


1. We Get Attacked by a Giant Crab

We Get Attacked by a Giant Crab



First I was sent to St. Augustine. 

Then I got hit with a palm branch. 

Finally, I collided with a pelican that was flying in midair. 

I thought the day couldn't get worse. 

My bad, it can, but it probably won't. Yeah, wrong about THAT as well. 


It all started when I ran into a pole. I wasn't watching where I was going, okay?! I looked back and the next thing I knew was that I had collided with something, fallen down, and someone was laughing at me. 

Bet you know who that is, don't you? No, not Percy. No, not Leo either. Definitely not Frank. 

It was Jason. No surprise there. He laughed his head off as I sat there sprawled out on the sidewalk, super dizzy and nauseous. I couldn't even sit up straight. Pity. A monster had picked up our scent, and was pursuing us. 


I could hear it scuttling across the floor, and the smell coming off of it was like rotten fish. It got closer and closer until I could see a mottled blue and green claw peeking around the corner. 


Great. A giant 10 foot tall crab is all I needed to make this the worst day possible. It kept coming around the corner until I could see the whole thing. 


It had big, beady, black eyes that popped in and out of its head. It had so much meat on it, Percy could eat off of it for a week! It's shell was just like its claw, except bigger and nastier. It's mouth was foaming up with disgusting white foam. 


Jason pulled out his coin and flipped it. It transformed instantly into an Imperial Gold sword. I reached for the bracelet that Lydia had given me for my birthday, and it morphed into a trident with one Imperial Gold prong, one Celestial Bronze prong, and one Sterling Silver prong. 


The crab faltered when it saw my trident, and I knew I had the advantage. I signalled Jason to get ready to attack, then I began to confuse and distract. 



That's when she started calling names. 


No exaggeration there. She actually yelled that. 


Anyways, the crab was ticked. It was snapping its claws and moving from side to side, occasionally charging at Rhi, then backing up. She laughed at how stupid it looked, then she gave me 'The Look'. I slid under the crab and stabbed its stomach, only for it to disintegrate and the empty shell to fall on top of me. I was immobilised. And Rhi was laughing!!! She took a picture, then sent it to EVERYONE. She then pushed the shell off of me and helped me up. 

"Next time, learn how to lift ten pounds," she teased. 

"I can."

"Then next time, push that shell off yourself."

"Well, I- Uh.... I-I-I..." Rhi smirked. She knew she had won that round. She always wins for some reason. 



I always win. He knows that. He just disregards it. I honestly think he forgets. Then it jumps out at him, and startles him. 


Anyways, when we left I was stuck with shell duty. The camp was going to use it for something, but they wouldn't tell anyone, not even the camp counsellors. I lugged the shell back to the Argo II, and Leo helped me pull it up the side of the boat. 


Then, we headed down to Salem, Oregon to help Lydia and Nico. 


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