Coming Out😁

Luke hemmings becomes inlove with calum hood.Luke likes calum a lot but he doesn't know how to tell him that he likes him.Once he tells him he finds out he doesn't feel the same way about him.


1. cal coming over

hey guys this is my first time writing about anything. I hope you like it//

Cal coming over

Luke's POV-Calling calum on the phone....He picks up and says "Hey Luke What's up?" I can't stop but smile when I hear him talk as I say "Well I was just wondering if you would want to come over and hangout for a couple of hours?" Then it went silent.Wondering if he's mad or dissent want to hangout so i sadly say "Do you not want to" and he goes "Whaa..No I do it's just I was just hanging out with ash and I'm kinda really sweating because we were playing soccer for the game tomorrow" I do believe him and all but..ugh. "Okay well Maybe next time" as I hang up the phone he says "WAIT,I'm coming don't worry I'm coming I'll be there soon" I couldn't stop but smile and say "Okay" as I'm blushing away.i can't wait to see him.

Calums POV-Dingggggg..I run to the kitchen to get my phone,oh it's luke calling almost like I don't want to answer right now. I just pick up and he's asking me if I want to hangout,even thought I'm all sweaty from playing with ash couple of minutes ago I guess I could have went to hangout with him for a little I guess.I say no at first because I don't feel like going there but then I said "Whatever I'm going to come"he sounded pretty happy that I said I was going to come so that's a good on my way to Luke's house

Lukes POV:he's on his way I need to clean up before he gets here,hopefully he won't be here until I'm done.wait I hear the someone at the door...ah crap it's cal..what am I going to do?what am I going to tell him? He knocks.i opened the door and he says hey luke I brought some chips and dip and right behind him is mike I asked what is he doing here ? And he said oh cal invited me to come over..And I was just like oh okay so now I can't tell him about my feelings but maybe I can have him over tomorrow just me and him.They both sit on the couch as I'm starring at cal he's so sexy,i just want to marry him.

Cals POV: I hope he doesn't mind if I bring mike with me I just don't want to be alone with Luke.Mike asks why and I say "Well he gets kinda weird sometimes" and mike agreed.i love hanging out with him and all but it gets weird when it's just me and him.

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