Abomination (Tokyo Ghoul/Harry Potter crossover)

A new girl has arrived at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry during Harry Potter's fifth year. She has long pure white hair, an eye patch covering one eye, and an emotionless expression. She is sorted into Gryffindor.

Some think she's creepy. Others believe she's just stuck up. She keeps to herself. She avoids others. She doesn't sleep in the student dorms.
Weird, some say.

But it's her way of keeping others safe. Scarlett Moscow. A one-eyed ghoul. The mind of a human and the body of a flesh eating monster. All she wanted was an education. To get done with the last 3 years of school without trouble.

But with her constant urge to devour her classmates and the Golden Trio's curiosity and add a unexpected love interest, there is bound to be trouble. Or perhaps the death of a classmate.


3. Chapter 3

I lay across my queen sized bed in my bedroom that Dumnbledore had promised me which was located in the dungeons. It was big, almost as big as Severus's office.

Dumbledore had taken me down to Diagon Ally to buy all my school stuff. It was almost time for the feast of the new school year. And I was dreading it. 

As soon as I had gotten my wand, I pull a sound proof spell of the door. 

"#LEH" by iisuperwomanii from muggle stereo. By my appearance, you wouldn't think I'd listen to this type of music.

I sighed. I was beyond nervous. I was frightened to sit in that grand hall, surrounded by thousands of people. Their aroma suffocating me. Their flesh.....

I shook my head violently. Stop it, Scarlett!!

I'd also might have to explain why I would be sitting there, not touching a single piece of food. Ghouls couldn't eat human food. It tasted horrible. And if digested, you'd get terribly sick. Coffee, however, was the only food (or drink) that we could enjoy as much as humans.

I guess I could eat then throw it back up before I digest it.....
Then again, I don't know how long the feast will last.

I groaned loudly, gripping my hair in frustration. It was never easy being a Ghoul surrounded by humans. Normal people who had normal lives that didn't revolve around eating flesh and the fear of being discovered. 

Oh, how much I wanted my human life back. I do anything to have my life return to normal.

There was a sudden knock on my door and I grabbed my stereo remote, hitting the off button. I got to my feet and went to the door. It was Dumbledore, dressed in royal blue robes.

For an old guy, he sure had some fancy clothing. 

"The students have gotten off the train. You'll stand by me until they call your name, alright?"

"Yes sir," I said. I stepped out into the corridor, shutting the door behind me. Dumbledore led me thoroughly the castle and as we approached the Grand Hall, I could hear the loud chatter of students entering the front doors of the castles. 

I took a deep breath.


"Scarlett Moscow." 

My name echoed through the Grand Hall and I quickly walked up to the stool where Professor McGonagall stood holding the Sorting Hat in her hand.

I sat down on the stool, feeling the stares of the students on me. Then the hat fell over my eyes, enabling me see.

Hmmm. The Sorting Hat's deep voice echoed through my head. Interesting, very interesting. It's been years since we've gotten a non-human student. 

I stiffened.

Smart like a Ravenclaw. Loyal and brave like a Gryffindor. Ambitious and cunning like a Slytherin, that's surprising, normally only lifeblood have the traits of a Slytherin. Very interesting. 

Where should you go?

The hat was silent for a moment before yelling "GRYFFINDOR!"

The hat was lifted from my head and as I stood from the stool, loud claps and hoots came from the Gryffindor table. I walked over and took a seat. Dumbledore gave me a warm smile as I glanced at him.

He stood and said, "Let the feast begin."

Food appeared on the plates of the table. I leaned back in my chair. To my right, sat a girl with bushy brown hair. In front of me sat a red headed boy and beside him, a boy with messy black hair, glasses, and emerald green eyes. I could easily identify him as Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived. 

The all looked around my age, fifteen. 

"Aren't you gonna eat anything?" It was the bushy haired girl. She was staring at me curious.

"Um....I'm not feeling well," I said, staring down at the table. "I um don't want to make myself."

It wasn't a lie. If I ate, I'd make myself sick. And I really didn't feel well. The smell of food was making me feel queasy. 

"I'm Hermione," said the girl. "And that's Ron and Harry."

She gestured to the boys. 

The red head, Ron, waved at me, his mouth stuffed with food. 

"What's your name," asked Harry. 

But I hadn't heard him. The smells were getting to me. The revolting smell of food and the mouthwatering flesh.


"Are you okay?" Asked Hermione. 

Flesh......Flesh...I need it.....

I gripped the tabled tightly, my knuckles turning white. I stood quickly, knocking my chair to the floor. I felt several eyes on me as I fled the hall, running all the way back to my room.

I leaned against the closed door, sliding down to the floor. I felt something warm and wet slide down my face. I let out a quiet whimper. 

Then, the door opened, bumping into my back. 

"Let me in."

It was Severus Snape. 

"Go away," I whispered, my voice breaking. 

He was silent for a moment. "Are you crying?"

I slammed my fist against the door, shutting it again.

"Damn it! I said go the fuck away!" I shouted angrily. Seconds later I heard his retreating footsteps.

I stood and punched a nearby wall, sliding down to my knees as a new round of tears fell from my eyes.

I hate this!!! I want to be normal!!! I don't want to be like this anymore.....!

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