Abomination (Tokyo Ghoul/Harry Potter crossover)

A new girl has arrived at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry during Harry Potter's fifth year. She has long pure white hair, an eye patch covering one eye, and an emotionless expression. She is sorted into Gryffindor.

Some think she's creepy. Others believe she's just stuck up. She keeps to herself. She avoids others. She doesn't sleep in the student dorms.
Weird, some say.

But it's her way of keeping others safe. Scarlett Moscow. A one-eyed ghoul. The mind of a human and the body of a flesh eating monster. All she wanted was an education. To get done with the last 3 years of school without trouble.

But with her constant urge to devour her classmates and the Golden Trio's curiosity and add a unexpected love interest, there is bound to be trouble. Or perhaps the death of a classmate.


2. Chapter 2


I stood in the office of Severus Snape. It was 2 hours before the Sorting Cermony for the new first years. And, as a eagerly measure, Severus was taking to an small niggle neighbourhood. 

Severus came of a door where he had disappeared through moments before. He had changed of his robes and wore jeans and a black coat.

He walked over to the fire place and picked up a small pot that contained a white powder. 

"Lets go, Miss Moscow," he said, reached into the pot and pulling out a handful of powder before stepping into the fire place. I nodded and stepped in beside him. 

"Hold onto my arm," he said. 

I obeyed and Severus through down the powder and said, "Oakwood Lane, London."

Suddenly, it felt as if my body was being pulled from all sides and it wasn't pleasant. It was over as soon it had begun.

Severus and I now stood in the dark road of a small neighbourhood. I hadn't realized that I was staring, almost hungrily, at the flesh of his hand until he snatched his arm from my grasp. He looked down at me, glaring with a don't even think about it look.

"S-sorry," I said quickly. "You can go...Um I can find my own way back...."

I didn't want him to be around during the time that I satisfied my urges. But Severus simply shook his head as he began to stroll down the road.

"Albus told me to keep and eye on you," he said. "It wouldn't be good if someone saw you. And I doubt you know how to actually do a memory charm."

I scoffed, slightly offended that he believed that I was that stupid. He heard me and looked over his shoulder at me, still walking. "What?"

I jogged to catch up with him and reached into the pocket of my navy blue jacket, pulling a leather item. "Even if anyone saw me, they wouldn't recognize me. Uta-San made me a mask before I came to Hogwarts."

I removed my eye-patch that cover the non-normal eye and stuffed it into my pocket and strapped my leather mask around my head. It covered my entire face except my ghoul eye. A zipper was over where my mouth was. I unzipped it and sighed.

"Lets get this over with," I said coldly, pulling my hood over my head. Severus, I noticed, looked at me strangely. I knew at look. I've gotten it from a lot of other ghouls that I've met in my life. 

They were able to hear the disgust in my voice at the thought of ending another's life. Taking that person away from their family, their friends....their entire life.

I never wanted to be a murderer. I never wanted to constantly take people from their lives, causing others the pain that they didn't deserve. 

I never wanted to be a ghoul. But there was no changing that. I am what I am.

I walked up to one of the houses and looked at Severus who stood silently behind me.

Pulling my mask down around my neck, I knocked on the door. The door swung open a moment later revealing a young boy, probably not even past 6 years old. I felt a pain in my chest. 

"Is your mother hear?" I ask, bending down to the boys level. "Or your father." 

The little boy nodded and turned his back to the door. "Mama!"

Seconds later, a thick woman came to the door behind the boy. "What is it swee-"

She stopped at her eyes landed on Severus and I. "How may I help you?"

I looked at Severus. "Don't watch," I whisper, to low for the woman and her son to hear. I didn't wait for his response. I took a deep breath and stared the woman in the eye.

"I'm sorry." I pulled up the mask.

I grabbed the boy and with the flick of my wrist, I heard a snap as his head snapped sideways and a quick, pain filled, yelp from the boy. His small slumped against me.

His mother stood there, staring at her dead son in horror. Her cry of terror was cut short as she was sent flying across the room. I dropped the boy to the ground and advanced towards the woman. 

She looked up at me, blood gushing from her mouth, tears in her eyes. I could see myself in them. The whites of my visible eye had turn pitch black, my gray eye now pulsing red.

"P-please," the woman pleaded, weakly, specks of blood flying from her mouth.

I crouched in front if her. Her expression saddened me. "It will be over quickly," I said lowly. "I'm sorry."

I released my kagune, four long tentacles burst from my lower back. And I did as I promised. Without a moment's hesitation, one of the tentacles shot forward, penetrating the woman's body. Her eyes widened as she sputter before going limp.

My kagune went back into my back. I leaned closer the the woman's corpse and bit into the flesh of her shoulder. Blood gushed into my mouth and I quickly devoured her.

I stood to my feet, wiping the blood from my lips. I could slowly feel my ghoul eye return to normal as I walked over to the little boys body that I had left in the doorway.

I pulled a small package out of my shoulder bag and opened the flaps. I broke apart the boys limbs and stuffed as much as I could into the small box. I wrapped the box into packing paper and tied it together with a string.

As I put the box back in my bag, I glanced around the small house before exiting.

Severus still stood in the doorway. It was clear that he hadn't looked away when I told him to. He looked disgusted. He had the right to look at me like that. I was disgusted as well. Disgusted of myself. Of the monster inside me that craved human flesh.

"I never wanted to be like this," I told him quietly. "It wasn't my choice."

I shut the front door behind me and grabbed onto Severus's arm. I felt his body stiffen. 

"Lets go," I said, eager to leave his side. I hated the way he stared at me. 

We quickly apparated back to his office and I soon as my feet hit the floor, I released his arm and walked to the door.

I turned to look at him. He hadn't moved. He just stared at me, the same look of disgust on his face. 

"Thank you," I said. "It must of been an unpleasant experience......but I did tell you not to look."

And with that, I left the office, escaping down the dark corridors of the cold dungeons. 

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