Black Veil Brides: Book 2

More adventure and more love is to come


6. Chapter 6

Winter POV

I moaned slipped threw my lips as Andy kissed my sweet spot on my neck

I felt a smile spread across his face as soft kissing turned into nips.

His hands went up my shirt a little as I tangled my hands threw his hair.

Weird, Andy and the others asked us out on live TV and in front of a bunch of fans only a few hours ago and now I'm sitting here and little him mark me his.

Little moans came from him as he started to undo my bra

I giggled and tugged at his shirt.

He quickly pulled away to rip off his shirt before taking off my shirt

Amara POV

"I wonder what the other girls are doing" I sighed siting in a chair

"Well Mya and Jake are probably watching TV and I don't even want to know what Winter and Andy are doing" Jinxx laughed

I giggled and got up to wrap my arms around Jinxx waist

"And I wonder what we're doing" I giggled

He smiled smashing his lips against mine as he walked to the bed

We kinda just sat there making out for a little bit until I felt his hand go from my head to my ass

I know this is short but at least it's a Chapter -Bree

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