Black Veil Brides: Book 2

More adventure and more love is to come


5. Chapter 5


I woke up to my alarm going off.

I groaned rolling out of bed. "Do we have to get up?"

Winter walked out of the bathroom all dressed and ready. She was wearing a tight blue V-neck shirt with black pants and her black combat boots with her hair to the side.

She had her regular make up on. A cateye (thick...hehe) and some nude lipstick that stayed on her lips so when she kisses my check it didnt transfer.

"Lets go" She smiled as the others knocked on the door

She answered it "Hey. Thanks, sorry that I called so early"

"Oh, no it's fine" I heard a females voice say

And as stupid as I am I looked to see who it was while I was changing my shirt. Yup, shirtless Andy. Hot I know

I had my shirt up to my elbow when I asked "Who is it?" And walking out of the bathroom

"Room service" She smiled when she notice I wasnt wearing a shirt 😉

The girl blushed and left the room

"I ordered eggs and bacon for you, hope thats ok" She said stealing a piece of my bacon

"Hey" I pouted

She rolled her eyes and bit into it before letting me have a bite

"Come on go get ready. Were going to be late" She said pushing me into the bathroom

"Hey Winter, you ready" I heard Mia say


Mia walked into the room asking if I was ready.

"Ya, just waiting for Andy" I said taking another piece of his bacon "Shh dont tell him"

She rolled her eyes

"Are the others ready?"

"Me and Amara are, they guys we had to literally had drag out of bed"

"It's like we're the mothers and there are sons" I laughed

"Hey" Amara said walking in "I saw the billboard's tweet last night"

"So did, I" I groaned

"It's actually annoying" Mia said "I mean, besides are fans"

"At least we have fans" I said siting on the bed "And then the haters saying that if we are dating Andy that we're no good" "Knock knock" Jinxx said walking into the room "We have a interview after the concert, Bill just told me. Tell Andy after he gets out."

"Ok" I said as Jinxx rapped his arm around Amara

"Just date already" Andy laughed as he walked over and grabbed a piece of bacon

"You two should date I mean you already act like it" Jinxx said

"True true" I said looking at the clock "Come on we're going to be late."

We went to the elevator after getting the other boys

I was sitting on Andy's lap going threw my Instagram feed when I got a notification.

It was from a fan I guess. She DMed me a picture of her pug

"To The Mystery Girls, Im a really big fan of yours, but my older sister is saying you and the other girls are ugly, no good, fakes. I've been trying for a while now to conference her but she doesnt believe me. What should I do? PS your perfect for the boys"

I began to type back "Well, people have options. We all do, weather they like me or not. We have haters out there who are saying the same exact thing. We're used to it. So dont let it bug you. But all I know is that you should just stay awesome" I laughed pressing the send button

"Whats so funny?" Andy asked looking at my screen.

I shook my head "Nothing"

The bus skidded to a stop as the bus driver yelled "We're here!"

I smiled getting up "Is the Guards out there?"

"Yup" He sighed

I grabbed my phone and Andys hand and walked down the stairs as the doors opened.

I was greeted with some screams and signs.

"Ok, Ok backup!" A gaurd yelled as he held back a gate

I looked around, they were mostly signs.

Hate signs saying stuff like:

"I hate you, Mystery Girls!"

"The boys are too good for them!"

So on and so on

"Don't worry about them" And whispered into my ear

It was later backstage that I felt the tears come on. Actually all three of us were having a hard time.

We kept getting tweets and notification from Instagram, and that Andy Jinxx and Jake took are phones and turned them off.

We just sort of talked as we fixed are make up. It was mixed with tears, making it smudge

"The one day I dont wear water proof makeup" Mia laughed

"Tell me about" Amara huffed as she applied more makeup

A/N I'm really sorry I haven't posted!!!

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