Black Veil Brides: Book 2

More adventure and more love is to come


3. Chapter 3


I laughed as he walked into the hotel room.

Mia and Amara smiled when they saw me laughing.

"So you two ''made'' up?" Jinxx asked

I nodded still smiling

"Really? Because thats not what twitter is saying" Amara said sarcastically while showing me her phone

"One of the mystery girls have been seen kissing outside of the hotel. Theres still many question's to be answered. Are they dating? Who are they?" I read allowed

Andy grabbed my waist and laughed

"When will they give us answers?! We're begging!" I continued

"Well I guess all of those amswers will be answered tomorrow" The manger said walking out of the kitchen with a sandwich

"What?" Ashely asked

"Tomorrow you have yet another interview with Brain Starz"

"You mean the Brain Starz?" I smiled

"Your not serious?!" Mia asked

He nodded "12 pm"

Andy smiled and flopped down on are bed

"And after the interview we go to Washington DC" He walked out the door taking are food with him

"I cant believe it" I whispered

"Me ethier! We're me

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