Black Veil Brides: Book 2

More adventure and more love is to come


2. Chapter 2


She laughed "It could be worse"

My crossed my arms "Mhm"

"Wait, you wouldn't date me?" CC smiled walking in the room "I'm irresistible"

I laughed and grabbed Andy's hand "Sorry CC"

I looked over at Andy who's cheeks were turning red

"Hey And!" I heard Jinxx yell

He sighed and gotten up "What?"



"No buts Mr."

I laughed "Mama Jinxx told you"

He laughed as all the boys went into the other room.

"So what state are we going to next?" Amara asked sitting down on the bed

"Well, I think we're going to Washington D.C." Mia chirped in

"Then it's California" I smiled

"Sleeping arrangements?" She asked

I bit my lip "About that"


"Well, I usually bunk with Jake and she usually sleeps by Andy" Mia said looking at her

"So your going have to bunk with someone" I said "I'm sure the boys won't mind"

Mia coughed "Jinxx"

She turned to her and blushed "Shut up!"

In the background I heard Andy singing In The End.

"His voice is amazing" Amara said

"They all are amazing" I whispered

Amara crooked her head to the side

"I don't think I would be alive without them"

"If you don't mind me asking, but how wouldn't you be alive without them?"

"When I was little my dad started to beat me. I would hide in my room lock my door and blast there music until he would stop bagging on the door." I wiped a tear away before anyone could see "Black Veil Brides music isn't just some kind of music. There's a story in the lyrics. Like they actually mean something. Like he's speaking to me. The angle in the other room."

"I think that's how we became friends. Because we could relate. Like we knew each other from the beginning. Like we we're long lost sisters. It wasn't only that" Mia said looking down and playing with a string from her sweatshirt "You have to promise not to tell anyone. The only other person that knows is Winter."

She nodded "I would never. You guys took me in"

"I-I was rapped" She whispered looking around to make sure no one else was listening

Amara cover her mouth "I didn't know you guys went threw so much"

The band stopped playing. The drums the bass and the singing all at once like they over heard something and I quickly got up and went to the bathroom when Andy walked into the room.

I heard his muffle voice threw the closed door.


I walked in the room as Winter bolted across the room and into the bathroom.

"Is she ok?" I asked

Amara and Mia looked up at me with sadness in there eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked again hoping for an answer.


Winter came out a second later with her eyes filled with sadness as well

"What's wrong with everyone?"

Mia sighed "I think we should tell him."

"No. I can't. No!" Winter said backing up a little

"Winter it'll be fine." Mia said a little softer

She shook her head and ran out the door. I'm guessing because of what they were talking about.

Mia told me and the boys how they became friends and how she was sexually assaulted and that it wasn't her say and that if Winter wants she'll tell me

"It's just" Mia paused "It's just she locks her emotions up because of what happened when she was younger."

I turned to go and fine her bit Mia grabbed my wrist before I could go to far

"Andy, don't push her to tell you." Mia said that sadness in her eyes again

I nodded "I won't. I promise."

"Andy, one more thing"


"Just tell her you love her already"

I turned and opened the door and down the hall. Down to the lobby and to the front desk

"Excuse me" I asked the lady there "Did you see the girl that I've been hanging out with come threw here"

She nodded "She's out on the steps"

I looked to see Winter. Her knees up to her chin. She was trying to make it look like she wasn't crying but I could tell that she was. Just by her breathing. The wind blowing her blackish reddish hair around.

I walked out to her and sat by her.

"Pretty isn't it?"

She didn't answer

"The way the lights reflect off the windows"

She just looked at the ground

I pulled her into a hug "You don't have to cry. You don't have to tell me" I whispered

After I said that she hugged me back and she started to cry into my chest.

She stayed there for a good 10 minutes just crying. But once she pulled away I could tell she needed that.

She wiped her smeared makeup and smiled "I, it's"

"It's ok" I smiled back "You don't have to tell me"

She sighed "I kept my emotions in because of my dad. He would get drunk and yell your just like your mother. He would slap me and kick me, when I was visiting him. I would try to run but he would grab me and pull me onto the ground. Kick my stomach until I cover up blood."

I picked her up and sat her on my lap not caring who saw. I'm guessing she didn't either because she didn't move

"That's when I would go to my room lock the door and start playing your music. I would think about killing myself. How I would just slip away. How I would think no one would miss me. But you music would let me slip out of that. Like the words your signing would just rap around me and suck me into my own world. Like I didn't have a care in the world"

I hugged her again and whispered into her eye "I'm glad you didn't"

She pulled away "I may lock myself away but your going to always be the the key"

I smiled and are lips connected. I could feel the fireworks going off as are lips moved in choirs. Like they were made for her.

It was perfect until the poperateze found us and started taking pictures and yelling out questions.

"Are you two dating?!" One yelled

"Why were you kissing?!" Another one asked

"Are you pregnant?" A girl asked

That one made her stop cold in her tracks. She froze and fear ran across her face. I seen the goosebumps run over her skin

"Pregnant?" She whispered

"Don't pay no mind to them" I said grabbing her hand


I don't know why they would think that.

But it didn't matter because I know and Andy knows I'm not pregnant.

I smiled when we got in the elevator to assure him that everything was all right.

That's when are lips connected again. He pushed my a little towards the wall.

As we kissed positionally. He slowly went to my jawline and down to my neck. I moaned a little when he reach a spot. I didn't mean to! But it just slipped.I croaked my head so his head could for better.

He smiled when he heard me moan. Which made him tease and pull away and stop kissing

I frowned and walked over to him grabbing his hands. I would kiss him but he's to tall and I can't reach him, he has to bend a little to kiss me.

The doors opened and he went running down the hallways. Teasing again.

I sighed and went after him. But he's a fucking fast runner.

He stopped and caught me in his arms smiling "There's she is. Happy old Winter."

He kissed me once more before picking me up bridal style and bringing me in the room.

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