Black Veil Brides: Book 2

More adventure and more love is to come


1. Chapter 1


We were in the waiting room. Amara went in to see her mom as soon as we got there. Which was like an hour ago.

She came up back out after 20 more minutes of waiting. Doctors rush behind her and into the room she came out of. Tears stained her cheeks where they had just laid a moment before.

I walked up to her and pulled her into a hug.

"She's..... Dead" She cried into my shoulder hugging back

We lead her out of the hospital.

"Do you have anyone to go to?"

She nodded "My dad, but I rather go to hell then go live with him"

I looked at Andy.

He sighed and nodded "Fine"

"You can stay with us." I smiled my way of thanking Andy and grabbed his hand.


I nodded

"Thank you. But what about school?"

I shrugged "We will just have to homeschool you. Or just do are best"

She smiled

"What school? We can visit them tomorrow"

"Or Today. My schools righg across the street. Its only 3 o'clock. My principal is still there."

I looked across the street. St. Josephs High School.

I lookedat Andy and he shrugged

"Why not" I sighed crossing the street.

We walked into the building and Amara showed us to the principals office.

"Excuse me" I said in the nicest voice I could manage.

"Yes?" I girl smiled looking away from her cumpter screen for a brief moment

"I would like to take Amara our of school. She's coming to live with me"

She looked at me to Amara and back to me "Your name?"

"Winter Devon" I smiled "Im her cousin"

"I need some ID"

I took out my wallet from my pocket and grabbed my license.

"We're going to need your adress."

"Oh we dont have one. We're going on the road"

"Very well." She said handing me my card back

"Thank you" I said smiling and walking out the room

"I hate her" Amara whispered

"I cant imagine why" I laughed

A/N I know this is short but I had to rewrite this. Soooooo

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