How an innocent laugh turned into a nightmare



                    That night I slept off ,upset about the whole incidence.Next day when I went to college I told all my friends about the previous night incidence and all just laughed it off.I too forgot about the whole incidence in my otherwise joyful college life.In evening, however, I had another shock of my life!He was walking on the road opposite my house just taking long strides in front of my house!He was a tough guy,stout,broad faced and walked as if he owned the road!

I realized then that it was nothing funny,nothing to laugh n forget about.This man was actually following me!A wave of fright ran through me.I shared this news with my mom.She too got serious about this whole thing but assured me not to be scared and ignore him and he would stop chasing me

                      Obeying my mom helped me for 2-3 days for which I did not get to see him.I was relieved that at last he had stopped chasing me!But we were all in for a rude shock when he started waiting for me near my college gate .This time it was in formal clothes,very decent he stood there giving no chance to anyone to doubt his intentions.But for me it was like I had seen a demon in disguise!I quickly rushed back on my bicycle back home and did not tell anything to anyone.Now I had been terrified with his existence!Evening again had him strolling in front of my house.My dad realized this and thought of following him secretly!Now both,my parents and me were aware of this man who had spoiled our peace of life.To my dad's surprise this man went in a sweets shop,changed clothes and started his duty helping the owner with selling sweets! Dad wished he could go and complain about this helper in the shop to his owner!But fear of its consequences and moreover there was nothing to prove that he was chasing me,refrained him from doing so.

When he came back home and shared this news to us I felt terrible.'How could a helper in a shop think of chasing me?' I thought.But when I remembered his broad face and body, fear knocked me and I was shivering within not to disclose my fear even to my parents.


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