How an innocent laugh turned into a nightmare



One fine day when i came back home from college ,my mom was waiting for me with a handful of inland letters(in those days these were very common ) written by my romeo!Now he was getting too intimate.What rubbish!I thought.'love letters!and from a shop servant!' And then when we opened them we found that it was English scribbled by him in dirty writing and helped by somebody.All we could understand was 'I love u and I will do anything to make you mine!' I was once again shattered by these words.Mom put away my fear by saying that he would not even touch you and it was just his stupid mind that was behind such act.I too found it really stupid and tried to forget the whole thing.Mom then tore all those love letters and simply cautioned me that I should not stay outdoors alone late at night.That night I slept thinking what fun my romeo had in doing such crazy acts and did he really think he would get what he wanted?Sleep was not so peaceful as the words in the letters kept bothering my head.
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