How an innocent laugh turned into a nightmare



                         And then one day I decided to learn German language along with my graduation course.These classes were to be held in the evening in the college campus.Somewhere in my mind there ran a thought of this guy following me to college and back home in the night.But a few days there was no news of him nor was he to be seen around and I dismissed the thought thinking and thanking God that he had become a sensible person and stopped following me!

         Soon I started enjoying German classes and made new friends there.One evening after the classes and since all my friends were residing nearby,I walked to my cycle stand to go back and was aghast to see him standing near the stand.Unbelievable but true,he had dressed up like a student of the college with formals as though he was attending an interview-suit and black shoes,perhaps borrowed by someone and waiting there for me as though my boy friend!He knew my cycle and had kept his handkerchief on my cycle seat!With trembling hands I managed to unlock my cycle,flung away his kerchief and paddled my way as fast as I could not once turning back to see if he was following me or not!

      That was the climax because I discontinued with my German classes and compromised with my dream of learning German language!But now a serious action needed to be taken or this man was going to ruin my career.

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