How an innocent laugh turned into a nightmare



               It was the beginning of summer and mom had stitched for me lovely skirts as it was my first year in college.

         I looked pretty in those middi skirts was what she always felt.As for me I was very excited to step into        college,into a world of adventure,excitement and joy.Like a normal school girl, I too had a a fantasy of going into college,having a boyfriend,bunking classes, eating in college cafeteria and so on.I had ,from my nursery days been in a Convent Girls High School and therefore this attraction towards boys was all the more!My home was a modest dwelling with we three sisters and parents who doted on us.A simple but happy life,we were never discontented over anything.Especially I, being the youngest of the siblings, was pampered always!And although I don't wish to boast, I was the fairest of all three sisters taken after my dad and plump like my mom.

             College had just started.I was in my own world of dreams.Going to college was on bicycle.(in those days it was  what every modest family could afford)I had a group of four girl friends and we used to ride chatting our way to college.One fine day as we were riding,one man shabbily dressed,simply rode his bicycle in between our group and that made us all start laughing.Strange it was!we thought."How stupid!" .But he continued to dodge us and we ignored him .He,however followed us till college.When we entered college we forgot him but he had not!

             That night I had just finished dinner and we heard somebody honking his scooter horn as though he was trying to call someone.Wondering who was that desperate person,we all my parents n me went to peep outside our balcony.It was that same man!!!But I did not even imagine in my remotest of dreams that he was honking for me!I was bewildered and wondered who must he be honking for?He kept on honking although my parents had come out and I told them to get in.A sudden fear came into my mind and my body quivered with fright.How erratic this person was i thought.My parents thought he must be calling some neighbourhood person so got in. Once inside I told them of the morning incidence we all girls encountered with this stupid man.

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