Thirty Long Hours- Part One

NOTE: This is an unofficial novel series, and I do not intend to share this in public bookstores. All rights go to Scott Cawthon.


6. The Bite (Warning: Don't read on a sick stomach.)

I had no idea I would be working day shift.

I was told that I had to work day shift to monitor the animatronics at a kid’s birthday party. They said I would get a replacement for the night shift eventually. I had been watching the animatronics all day. Nothing seemed wrong or unusual. When the kid got his cake & pizza, I made sure the Toy animatronics didn’t act unusual, while staying out of their sight. When the B-day boy got his presents (Plushies of animatronics and a free balloon from Balloon Boy), I started to relax. Nothing was wrong.

“I wanna go to da Kid’s Cove and play wif Foxy!” the kid said. When they went there, I followed. I watched as the kids build and took apart Mangle, piece by piece. When the kids were finished building (More like DESTROYING) Mangle, I was starting to think that there was nothing wrong.

Then what happened next was all just a blur.

I felt a sharp pain in my head, I could smell blood and both children and adults were screaming and running toward the exit. I fainted and woke up later in a hospital bed. “He lost the frontal lobe of his brain… he was lucky to survive…” said the people around me. I had to use my paycheck to pay for the hospital bill. I didn’t know that I hadn’t paid a full amount. I was shocked to find out that the pizzeria was closing when I returned for my sixth night. I couldn’t go inside. I filed a lawsuit against the person who had tampered with the animatronics.

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