Thirty Long Hours- Part One

NOTE: This is an unofficial novel series, and I do not intend to share this in public bookstores. All rights go to Scott Cawthon.


4. Night Three

(12 AM, Tuesday, November 10th, 1987)


The phone started ringing, yet again.

“Hey, night three! You’re getting good at this!” The phone guy exclaims.

Hang on a minute. How did he know I was here? “He must have been informed.” I figured.

“Uh, did Foxy ever appear in the hallway?”

Uh, YEAH. Scared me so much, I wet my pants, and I’m 23 years old.

“Probably not.” He continues. “I, I was just curious, you know. Like I said, he was always my favorite. They tried to remake him, you know? They thought the first one was too scary, so they made a new kid-friendly version and put him in Kid’s cove, to keep the toddlers entertained, but they always tore him apart, so the staff literally had to put Foxy back together after every shift. Eventually, they just gave up and left him as some take-apart-and-put-back-together attraction. Now he’s just a mess of parts. I think the employees just refer to him as… The Mangle. Ugh.”

I couldn’t blame him. I wouldn’t like it if some toddlers ripped me apart every day for fun.

“Oh, uh, I also wanted to ease your mind about any rumors you may have heard. You know how those local stories come and go and seldom mean anything. People trying to make a buck. I’ll see you tomorrow, good night.” He says.

Rumors? That was unsettling. I don’t know what they say about this place, but it can’t be good. But I figured that these people are just using artistic license. Exaggerating, you know?

I wound up the music box to the fullest (The Mangle had moved into the prize corner), then realize that the faceless Bonnie had entered the main hallway from the Parts room. I checked the show stage, but nobody had left. They seemed inactive. I check the hallway in front of me to see the faceless Bonnie staring in, but not close enough to see my face (assuming he could, he didn’t seem to have any visible eyes other than two red dots where the eyes should be), so I didn’t put on my mask, but Foxy was behind him, about to charge, so I flashed the light at him to scare him off. Bonnie eventually disappeared into the dark. I check the tablet, and he was about to enter the left air vent. I rewind the music box, check my watch (5:05 AM), and check Parts and Service, and I notice that Chica had left. I found her eventually in Party Room 4. I lower the tablet from my face to see the faceless Bonnie standing by my desk. I was so shocked to see him I almost dropped the tablet, but I managed to put on my Freddy mask just in time, because he eventually left. Once my watch vibrated at 6 AM, I ran out of there FAST. I was actually HAPPY to leave Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for once. I almost forgot to sign my name under Tuesday, but I did.

I wanted to quit, considering the high risk of DEATH, but I couldn’t. I have to get past two more nights.

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