Thirty Long Hours- Part One

NOTE: This is an unofficial novel series, and I do not intend to share this in public bookstores. All rights go to Scott Cawthon.


5. Night Four

(12 AM, Thursday, November 12th, 1987)

I almost didn’t return to this office. I was so frightened of the place, I didn’t want to come back after my last night.

Then I remembered the cash.

That is why I’m still here.


I’m starting to get sick of that phone.

“Hey! You’re doing great! Uh, just to update you, we’re having some sort of investigation going on, and we may have to close for a few days, but it’s just a precaution. Fazbear Entertainment denies any wrongdoing. Sometimes these things happen. It’ll get settled out in a few days, trust me.” The phone guy informs me.

I was never told about an investigation, but I have seen some strangers come into the building, talking with the staff. I don’t know what it’s about, but I heard the words “malfunctions” and “former.”

“Oh! Try to avoid eye contact with any of the animatronics tonight, ok? We think someone may have tampered with the facial recognition systems, but we’re not sure. The animatronics have been acting aggressively toward the staff. They interact with the kids’ just fine, but when they see an adult they just… stare. Just hang tight.” He states.

Avoid eye contact. Avoid eye contact.

I rewind the music box, and see Bonnie in the main hallway, and Chica in Party Room 4. I was prepared for them. I flash the light down the hallway to see Foxy. I flash it at him repeatedly, and he ran away toward the dark.

Huh. Maybe I was getting the hang of this!

“Hi!” said Balloon Boy.

I check the vent on camera, and find that he hasn’t moved into the vent yet. I wind up the music box, and lower the tablet from my face to see Chica in front of me, arms stretched out. She looked like a T. I put the mask on my head just in time. Chica eventually leaves my office. I noticed that one of the leftover pizza slices I had brought was missing. Is that all she wanted?

I scare off Foxy once more from the hall and start winding up the music box, only to have my monitor forced away from my face by an angry Bonnie, standing at my desk. I quickly drop the Freddy mask on my head, and Bonnie eventually wanders off. I wind up the music box quickly and flash the light down the hall, only to see the Freddy on the floor from Parts and Services, staring at me. He wasn’t close enough to see my face, but he knew I was there. He left from the hallway, which was odd. He didn’t even try to get to me. It may have been just me, but he had a yellow tint on his costume. I heard Balloon Boy laugh, along with footsteps in the vent. I check the lights, and fortunately, he wasn’t there, but I knew he would be there soon. I flash my light down the hall once again to see Foxy running down the hall TOWARD me. I knew a strobe wouldn’t stop him now, and it was 5:45. So I did the only thing I could think of.

I tossed the bright flashlight toward his head.

My mom had always said I was a good thrower. I do admit, I had a good arm.

You may think that was stupid, but when a robot fox is charging toward you, It’s hard to think on your feet. I had the flashlight’s beam on when I threw it.

It hit him in the uncovered LED eye. He staggered, dazed by the impact and from the light, and ran back toward the dark end of the hallway. My watch vibrated at 6 AM, and I ran toward the exit, signing my name under Thursday. I had earned my hard-earned paycheck after five nights.

What I didn’t know is that I wouldn’t get to enjoy that paycheck after tomorrow.

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