She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


7. A/N



Hey guys :) 


Thank you so much for all the positive support on my new fanfic!

I want to be updating at least twice a week, since it's summer. I am so sorry if I don't update like that or something. I am part-boarding a horse this summer, so I will be at the barn a lot. As well a lot of the things that happen in my fanfics, also happen with me, and are things I struggle with, like depression, ect. Pretty much the things that Scarlet in the fanfic struggles with, I do as well. So if I don't happen to update as promised or something I'm very sorry, but one of those things could be keeping me. 


I want you all to remember that if you are going through something right now you will get through it. I love you all <3 stay strong my lovelies. I'm here for you all. 


idk what else to say. uh- if you want me to do like 10 facts or something about me then comment ?


okay. thank you all for reading! Love you all :)


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